Target Tuesday, I missed you last week.

Hi there, It's time for Target Tuesday!

Bags, bags, bags.
Every girl loves them.
Every girl needs them.
And theres one for every occasion!

The grab & go bag.

The man repeller.
unless this is holding your babies belongings, of course.
The "I have to take my ID everywhere because I still look like im 12" clutch.

Speaking of link ups.
Who is linking up for Throwback Thursday this week?!
I missed my own link up last week, and I'm not proud of myself.
I kind of have the sads because "Throwback Thursdays" arent getting a lot of love,
This might be the last week of "Throwback Thursday" yall.
I guess I'll just hafta wait & see how this week goes!
or else ;]

Andddd that's all for today!
I am so dang exhausted yall.
I am PUMPED for the weekend though.
I get to go see my favorite country band Eli young in concert on Saturday!!
Eeeee :] 
Hope all of you had a good Monday!!


  1. These are all great! The first one is my favorite!

  2. I LOVE the last one! I was a target yesterday and did not see that.. but I'm going to have to go back in hopes we get it!

  3. That clutch is super cute! xoxo

  4. Love your blog!! I just started following :)

  5. Haha I love your descriptions for each one. Obsessing over the 12 year old one because I obviously still look that old too.

  6. Super cute post! Love the clutch and aqua striped bag … might need those for summer (;

    I’ve been reading your blog for awhile, first time to comment … how are the shakes working for you?

    ..and I personally love Throwback Thursday!


  7. I was ogling these bags at Target the other day. Target is a bad place. lol, I never leave without spending $100!

  8. Love the second bag! Buy it for me!

  9. I love Target - I could spend a fortune in there - now you have me wanting a new bag!! :)

  10. hahah love the disclaimers under each bag. :) But I do love me some pointless bags! I have so many, but of couse needed them the second I saw each one in the store. I have a problem

    Lovely Little Rants

  11. I love the "day at the park across the body bag. I was just looking at one like it at Forever 21 this morning. Cute.

  12. HA! I agree with all of the descriptions. and lately I've been on the hunt for "The grab & go bag." bags :3 So, I'll be adding the first one to my wishlist! teehee~

  13. No sads! I'll definitely link up this week for Throwback Thursday. That gives me an excellent excuse to go through some old, lame photos and laugh at myself :)

    Left brain, right brain, pug brain.

  14. Love target to no end!

  15. nooo i just did throwback thursday last week but i couldn't link-up, so it was just kind of for my own benefit hehe! i'm doing it again FO SHO this week!! if you take it away, i will cry tears :(

  16. Yup, big fan of the "Idk when I'll use this but I need it!" bag - I've been looking at some just like that from Urban Oufitters and I just can't talk myself into it.. but I have this strange pull towards them haha

  17. love your blog :) please come check out mine!

  18. ha ha ha love the man repeller bag..thats funny! i love that yellow bag! this is such a cute blog idea!

    xx Kelly

  19. The owl bag is cute! Looove that every day bag! A lot.