Weekend let downs & discoveries.

Well this weekend didnt turn out exactly how I had planned.
but that's okaaayyyy because it was still good!
I had Friday off, and I celebrated at the pool with Kyle & a few beers.

My girl Liz was in town but I didnt think I was going to get to see her,
and THEN she showed up at the pool & surprised me!
Yay :]

It ended up being a really fun day! 
Kyle & I ended up going to a different pool where some of his friends were,
We hung out and played sand volleyball for a few hours
and it was sooooo relaxing!

Saturday was supposed to be awesome,
I had planned on being at the pool all day with friends,
then going to see Eli Young in concert.
Neither of those happened.
Which made me rrreeeaaaaallll sad.
But oh well, sometimes things dont work out.
But I had a plan B! It was to order pizza & go have a picnic
 in the back of Kyles truck on the top of a hill.
So we picked up the pizza, & I was SO excited because the sun
was justttt about to set & I knew I was going to be able to get
some really pretty pictures.
Well turns out the hill we used to always go to is a neighborhood now.
Huge bummer.
So we went back to my apartment & had a picnic on the floor.
(Pizza Hut never disappoints.)
And we discovered some hilarious new tv shows!
Betty White's Off Their Rockers- Omg yall,
this is the funniest show ever! It's a bunch of old people
going around playing tricks on young people, or just doing weird/random things
& peoples reactions are SO damn funny, Like Kyle & I were dyingggg!
& thennn as soon as that show was over another new show called
Best Friends Forever came on, & it was equally hilarious!
Yall need to watch these!

Well it's Monday again,
A day that none of us are very fond of.
I hope all of you had a WONDERFUL Easter with your families!
I didnt get to go home so I'm definitely missing my family :/
It's going to be a long week for me, so I need yall to be extra sweet,


  1. YUM, pizza is my favorite food all around! I've been planning to lay out this week some and then heard about the dang cold front coming in! Wah! Oh well, may have to force myself through it. That yellow bathing suit is very cute :) Have a great week!

  2. That looked like a great time eventhough some things didn't turn up as you expected.

    When my Hubby and I were working in China, pizza hut became our kitchen as well as other Foreign Teachers. I always like their pizza too :)

  3. You guys eat the best food - LOVE Pizza hut - I wish it was warm enough in Boston to lay by the pool:( We're not quite there yet:(

  4. sorry your plans didnt work out friend. However sounds like you guys had a good weekend anyway....picnic in the living room?! presh! love that! AND you are rocking the hizzy out of that bo-keeny!! spicy!

  5. MMMM!! Dos Equis, pool, sun and PIZZA?!?!?!?! Nothing better!!!

  6. Mmmmm love pizza hut. Sorry your plans didn't work out but at least you had another plan. :) You are so pretty and tiny. Wish I was that small again. :)

  7. Too bad your original picnic plan didn't totally work out but it still sounds like you had fun!

  8. Sometimes it sucks when plans don't go exactly as planned but I wish u an amazing week this week xoxo

  9. You are correct that PH NEVER fails! :) It's our favorite! Where do you live that you got to be poolside in April?! Ahhh, I need the hot temperatures to get to Ohio asap!!

  10. it looks like you had a wonderful weekend! and oh my goodness i think i need some pizza hut in my life, that thing looks delicious

  11. looks like a fun weekend! loving the pool photos! gorgeous much?!


  12. pizza hut is always a good plan b! i saw off betty white's new show and yes, it's so funny!!!


  13. i just stumbled across your blog. you are so cute! i'm your newest follower!

  14. OMG, how cute and i need to start getting in bikini shape like you. hehe and you're so right, Pizza Hut never disappoints.


  15. I watched Off Thier Rockers too, loved it. WAY too funny!

  16. Hello TINY!! And you said you needed to be on a diet?! Are you nuts! I'd kill to have your bod ;) but seriously! Your comment made me smile!! I've been a little MIA to the blog world and don't get on as much, but I haven't forgotten your cute self!! Hope you're doing good :)