It's Thursday already?

Hi, I know I do the same poses for every single outfit picture.
Sorry if it annoys you.
I'm not a model. :]

Top: F21, Sweater: F21, Shorts: Wet seal, Sandals: F21

Kyle took me to breakfast yesterday before I left to go home.
I've been craving this place ever since I went with my girlfriends for my birthday!
Luckily for us they JUST built one near Kyles house and it's finally open,

I decided to get the whole wheat granola pancakes, with a side of bacon of course.
I only got through about half of it,
but oh so good.

Tonight is the visitation for my Papaw, and then the funeral is going to be Friday morning.
Thank you all so much for your kind words and prayers,
it really means SO much, and I am so grateful for y'all!
Kyle and I will be heading over to his house Friday night to hopefully
have a nice relaxing/fun weekend with his family!

Have a fab day ladies (& gentlemen) 


There is peace in the shelter of His arms.

Monday night my papaw passed away.

He was truly the most amazing man I ever knew, 
And I was so incredibly blessed to have him as a grandfather.
He raised my dad to be the great man & father that he is today, & I am beyond grateful.

I have literally been preparing myself for my Papaws death for over a year.
He hasn't been doing well for a while and so anytime I would get a
"Where are you?" "call me" text from my mom I would assume the worst.
Sometimes I feel like assuming the worst in these situations is the better choice.

It's funny how you think you are so prepared for someones death,
but then when it happens, when you get the phone call,
and you just KNOW...this is it. It happened.
It still hurts just as much as if it were a complete shock.

I had been talking to my mom all day,
She had been warning me with multiple phone calls, "it's getting worse..."
I was surprisingly calm throughout the whole process,
even a few weeks ago when she first told me he was sent to the hospital.
I was proud of myself, I prepared myself and I would get through this.
But when I got "the call", she didn't even have to say anything,
I just knew.
And I cried hard, all day and night.

I think I cried mostly for my dad, knowing how much he was hurting was killing me.
Death is such a hard thing to deal with.
I'm heading home either today or tomorrow to be with my family,
and the funeral is Friday morning.

Please keep my family in your prayers!
I hope all of you have a great day, 
Go call your grandparents and tell them how much you love them.


Outfits & Pick up lines.

Top: F21, Jeans: Agaci, Heels: Charlotte Russe

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day!
I can't wait to get this week over with because I'm going on a mini vacation this weekend!
Well I guess it's not really a vacation, I'm going "home" but to Kyles house not mine.
Both of our families are in Houston but we're still about an hour away from each other.
Kyle has a big family & they're all super close & everyones coming into town
to celebrate his little sisters graduation!
His family is basically my family and I can't wait to hang out with everyone!

Now time for some of the infamous "pick up lines" I get at work...

Golfer :"Man I wish I was 25 years younger so I could...*Insert creepy wish statement here*"

Golfer: "How are you doing?!" Me: I'm doing pretty good!" Golfer: "Well I'm sure about the pretty part but I don't know about the good."

Golfer: *puts arm around my waist* Me: *uncomfortable laugh, standing awkwardly stiff* Golfer: I better take my hands off of you, you look a lot like a girl that my daughter goes to school with."

Haha ohhh these are just a few of the 100 of creepy comments I get daily!
Have a great Tuesday y'all!


In Honor of Memorial Day

Rockin my USA shirt.
Too bad it's backwards, thanks photo booth.

Since it's Memorial Day, and I have been obsessing over "USA themed" clothing lately,
I figure today was the perfect day to show y'all all of the adorable things I found on pinterest.
So if you're wondering what you should wear when you're feeling a little patriotic,
Heres some options for ya! 



Aren't all of these so cute?!

I hope all of you have a GREAT Memorial day!
Spend time with people you love, eat good food and don't forget what this day is all about!


A Day Off.

Button up: Hurley via Zappos, Shorts: Wet Seal, Bag: Tommy Hilfiger via TJ Maxx, Sandals: F21

Friday I had the day off.
And it was fabulous.
I had the great idea of making Kyle & I banana pancakes for breakfast.
They were amazing, Kyle even gave me a high five.
Haha boyfriend approved.

I definitely took advantage of my day off.
I started my day off with errands,
1 of which included picking up my birthday present from my lovely Aunts.
I was absolutely thrilled when I saw a beautiful dark and light pink striped bag,
just sitting there on the table.
Heelllloooooo Victorias Secret!
She ended up getting me a VS gift card, EXACTLY what I wanted.
So of course I headed straight to the mall.
Where I bought 3 new adorable bras and these super cute swimsuit bottoms!
I though about posting a picture, but then I thought that may be borderline inappropriate.
So I didn't haha.

Unfortunately Forever 21 is RIGHT next to Victorias Secret,
There was no avoiding it...
I couldn't resist, and I went in...
There wasn't too much damage done though!
I controlled myself and left with 2 cute "summery" shirts, that were pretty cheap.
(you'll see those soon)
After shopping, I headed on over to Walmart to pick up a few groceries.
And when I say "A Few" I mean it.
I feel like this only happens to me, so let me know if y'all have this issue.
EVERY SINGLE time I get a visit from mother nature & need to go buy "supplies"
All I end up needing is...
 tampons, light days pads, toilet paper, and like acne cream or something else humiliating! HAHA
And I HATE it, because it never fails. 
And I'm literally so paranoid going into the store because I just know I will see someone I know,
and they will look in my basket & immediately think I am disgusting.
But anyways....
Kyle called me while I was there & asked me to bring him food cuz he was at work starving.
So I picked up some Chick-Fil-A for his little belly.
And then finally headed home, where I made some great health choices.

I started "dinner" with a nice little appetizer
I've been wanting to try this flavor foreverrrrr!
And it was pretttyyyyy yummy.

Which then led to the main course.
My body was not too thrilled with me

Which then led to this...

Yay I am so proud of myself!
I know I always say "Okay I'm really going to get in shape now..."
But I feel like this time I really mean it.

Especially because the Miss USA pageant is coming up,
and I feel like if I'm in shape while watching it I'll have a smaller chance of wanting to
electrocute myself afterwards. Haha
And one of my really good friends is Miss Texas (Brittany Booker)
I went to high school with her, and we played volleyball together, and she is the sweetest thing!
I also think she has a REALLY good chance at winning.
Everyone go vote for her NOW!


Let's get real.

Today I'm going to be talking about insecurities.
I know, I know.
Why in the world would I want to talk about that?!
Well, we all have them. Yes ALL of us, so why not talk about it?

I'll go ahead and admit that I HATE my skin.
hate, hate, hate, HATE IT.

Got it? Good.
All of you with naturally flawless glowing skin, 
you can go ahead & punch yourself in the face,
Because I am extremely jealous of you.

Okay so anyways, what made me want to write about this?

I have always thought that actress Annalynne McCord was PERFECTTT.
If you don't know who she is, here's a picture for ya!

News flash, she's not perfect.
Just like every other celebrity/human being in the world.

I was doing a little harmless stalking & came across this photo that she posted on twitter.

Um, can you say BRAVE?!
She posted this picture of herself saying,
"I woke up this morning and decided that I'm over Hollywoods perfection requirement. To all my girls (and boys) who have ever been embarrassed by their skin! I salute you! I'm not perfect and that's okay with me"
I think the fact that I can relate to her "imperfection" so much is why 
I wanted to talk about this.

Whether it's skin issues, body issues, or personality issues. 
We ALL have issues!

I think it's so easy to constantly compare ourselves to others.
Whether it's celebrities, friends, or even family members.
We need to embrace the beauty and talent that God gave US as individuals.
Now don't get me wrong, I need to practice what I preach.
But this is something that I am working on, 
so I figured maybe I could help all of you in the process!

Well, that's all for today!
Hope all of you have an awesome dayyy!




Scored this dress from TJ Maxx for only $20
It is the most comfortable thing in the worldddd!
And It's also my first maxi dress ever.

Sometimes I'm sweet in the mornings.
I gotta make sure my man gets his nutrients! ;]

Sometimes I worry I drink more creamer than coffee.
Mine & Kyles.
Mine looks like straight milk, Haha.

Sometimes I go over board with the sex appeal during date night.
(sad this picture turned out so crappy & weird)

Sometimes Kyle & I take delirious photo shoots.
I guess he was too tired to participate.

I apologize for not being the best blogger friend lately.
Work has been insane.
I haven't had much time to respond to yalls comments, 
or read what's going on in everyones lives but I promise I will REAL soon!
I love all of you, seriously though.


Good times.

My life has been SO busy!
Work is taking over my life.
My schedule this whole week is 1-8.
 Hopefully lots of money will be made though.

On Friday one of my besties was driving through town so I got to meet up w/ her,
I also got to meet her new boyfriend! Which I approved of. 
We ended up meeting at this little mexican place called chachos.

The picture below was posted to make you laugh, not for you to judge me.
Too many pina coladas makes for interesting pictures.

Sooooo anyways,
I have been needing a new phone case but haven't been able to make a decision!
I came down to these 2.

I originally was OBSESSED with the top one and was for sure going to buy it.
Then I really started to love the telephone booth one.
Well I ended up tweeting a pic asking which one I should get,
and while waiting for responses I ended up buying the phone booth one.
Then I looked at twitter and EVERYONE had said to get the other one.
So now, I really want both.
Which one do y'all like best??
Maybe if my next pay check is good I'll buy the other one.
Have a great daaaay!


Why are people so crazy?

SETTING: Walmart check out line

Voice from behind: "You really like that fiber huh? hehehe"
Me: *slowly turning around in confusion* 
(I see a mexican man about 2 inches shorter than me that literally looks like he got out of prison an hour ago.)
"Ha, um ya I guess so"
Man: Yaaaa, you trying to be healthy or what?
Me: "Um, ya I guess so, I haven't been lately so that's why I'm here buying healthy stuff."
Man: "ohhh ya, alright alright, so do you like play tennis or what?"
(I was wearing my work clothes)
Me: Ha, no I work at a golf course & I just got off so that's why I'm wearing this.
Man: ohhh man, thats what y'all wear! Thats HOTT! hehe"
Me: "extremely uncomfortable laugh" slowly turn around.
Man: "hehe just kidding."
Me: silent, facing the opposite direction.
(5 seconds go by)
Man: I bet you get a lot of tips out there!
Me: "ha, sometimes"
Man: "So do you live around here?"
Me: (in my head) *dont answer that, his gang is outside waiting for you in a van*
"Uh, ya I live kind of by the school"
Man: ohhhh ya, you go to school or what?
Me: nope..just graduated.
Man: ohhh ya, I've been thinking about going back to school, ya know..
Proceeds to tell me what seems like a 5 hour long story about him wanting
 to become an RN.
Me: *nodding with a fake smile making it obvious that I'm not
 paying attention to anything coming out of his mouth*
Man: So what did you go to school for?
Me: "...Education..."
This man continues asking me 100 questions about my life, when FINALLY...
Cashier: "Are y'all ready?"
(In my head: "Omg does she legitimately think we're together, I need to get out of here, what if he follows me?! I'm never wearing this to walmart again. Did I tell him where I lived? He's going to follow me home.")
Me: Yes, I'M ready.
*putting my groceries in my basket frantically*
I finish paying and am about to walk away.
Man: Alright well I'll cya later ;] 
*holds fist out*
Me: (in my head) "WTF? does he actually want me to fist pound him right now?! Where am I?!"
Me: *awkwardly hit my fist on his* "Ha, pound it?"

Okay, after typing all of this out it doesn't sound AS creepy and awkward
as it actually was in real life.
It was so bad y'all.

I go to TJ Maxx, cuz my moms the bomb & got me a gift card for there.
So I'm just flipping through the clothes racks when I hear these deep strange mumbles.
I look up to see an older man going through the WOMENS clothes, and dead staring at me,
mumbling things to himself.
We make direct eye contact, & I immediately look away & continue shopping.
So I'm thinking, Surely he's with his daughter and he's helping her out or something, right?
So I move over to the shoes section....he follows.
I go down one aisle, and start going down another when he turns & is walking my direction.
Panic mode.
I'm stuck omg he's looking at me.
So I pretend like I look at a shoe for 3 seconds & immediately turn around.
Then I hear mumbles that sound a little like, "oh dshshfd ya, beautiful dfjdhfkjshfs"
I couldn't help myself, so I turn around
Me: "Excuse me?"
Man: How are you doing?
Me: Oh I'm doing fine, I'm sorry I thought you said something to me.
Man: starts mumbling more & walking faster towards me
So I speed walk my ass to the next aisle.
He follows...Staring.
At this point I'm terrified & convinced that every rapist/gang in town is out to get me.
Oh and I am 98.5% sure that this man was homeless.
I literally swivel my way down 3 different aisles trying to lose him.
Then run to the dressing room so I can try on my stuff & leave.
Y'all, as I was trying on my clothes, all of the sudden,
 I see feet pacing back & forth in from of my dressing room.
My stomach fell into my butt, I seriously thought I was going to die in 2 seconds.
Thank God it wasn't him.
I sprinted out of that place so fast.
And literally looked behind me my entire way home.
Still paranoid as we speak.
Why are people so crazy?


Birthday stuffs.

 I decided to keep it casual for my birthday night. 

Top: F21, Shorts: Thrifted, Necklace: F21

Hey y'all!
Sorry for the no post yesterday, I have been soooo busy with work and everything lately!
I had a pretty great birthday.
Thank you all sooooo much for the birthday wishes :]
I didn't do anything too exciting seeing as it was in the middle of the week
& I had work at 6 AM the next morning.
But I still had a GREAT day & night!

I had to work from 8-6 on my birthday which sucked, but my co workers definitely made it better!
I'm just going to go ahead and say that I probably gained 5 lbs in one day.
Just sayin.
The chef at work made me the most delicious nachos EVER.
Biggest weakness.

And thennn my co workers/friends came downstairs & surprised me w/ a shake!
Mmmmm it had reeses in it, my favorite candy.

And then after work Kyle & I went out to dinner.
Before Dinner/Drinks.

My addiction to margaritas might be getting a little out of hand.
I might need to join a support group soon.

After Dinner/Drinks.

I may or may not have had 1 too many margaritas.
Hey it was my birthday, I had to celebrate a little bit!!
It was seriously so much fun just the two of us.
He also got me the cutest wedges and an adorable shirt for my gift!
You'll see those on my body VERY soon ;]

Kyles trying to open up a little burger place by the college we live by.
It's going to be kind of like a grille & bar and he's thinking about putting a little mini bowling alley in there also.
It's going to be sports themed and he's trying to come up with a name for it!
Let me know if any of you have any ideas!
He doesn't really want to name it after the college in case it becomes like a franchise one day.
Send me some ideas!!!

oh and