Another Target Tuesday! (Check out my new banner)

I made a new banner last night!
Do you love it?
I kind of do. 
Well, it's about time for another Target Tuesday!

I need me some new tanks!

obsessing over maxi everything lately.

so cute.

I tried this on in the store, not sure why I didnt buy it.
Super cute & comfy!

I need me a red bikini top!

Okay, I'm going to cheat a little bit,
and talk about some items I want from other stores.
Yesterday my CT wore the most adorable wedges EVER!
Pictured below.
They look way cuter on, than they do in the picture!
They're from Francesca's & I NEED them on my feet.

Who else is linking up for Target Tuesday??

Speaking of link ups I have some major news.
Throwback Thursdays are officially ending.
And I'm not too sad about it.
I feel like if I cant really get excited about my own link up 
then how can I expect anyone else too?!
So, I wont be hosting Throwback Thursdays anymore. 
It just wasnt as fun for me as I originally thought it would be.
But, dont worry I'm sure I'll host a different link up soon!
But Throwback Thursdays are gone.

Have a GREAT week pretty girls, 
And let me know if anyone is interested in maybe hosting a link up together?


  1. Cute re-vamp; I would put my legs as my header too if they were as great as yours too :) haha

  2. I love that tee with the tie! I need it :)

  3. New banner is SUPER cute! You supermodel, you! ;)

    I just got that maxi from Target! WOOOT! And those wedges are HOT, you should definitely get them.

  4. Your new banner is gorgeous (and so are the shoes in it!!!)

  5. Ooh love the new red shoes!

    I'm sad about the link up, I may have been the only one who enjoyed it haha. I've been trying to think up one of my own lately too.

  6. What is your fitness secret Monica?!?!

  7. I love the swim top, and the shoes are adorable!

  8. that maxi skirt is perfection and i neeeed those wegdes! x

  9. loves your new header! and those wedges are soooo cute!

  10. Love your banner! What program did you use to make it? Those red shoes are to die for.


  11. Love the wedges!! They're perfect for summer!