A Day Off.

Button up: Hurley via Zappos, Shorts: Wet Seal, Bag: Tommy Hilfiger via TJ Maxx, Sandals: F21

Friday I had the day off.
And it was fabulous.
I had the great idea of making Kyle & I banana pancakes for breakfast.
They were amazing, Kyle even gave me a high five.
Haha boyfriend approved.

I definitely took advantage of my day off.
I started my day off with errands,
1 of which included picking up my birthday present from my lovely Aunts.
I was absolutely thrilled when I saw a beautiful dark and light pink striped bag,
just sitting there on the table.
Heelllloooooo Victorias Secret!
She ended up getting me a VS gift card, EXACTLY what I wanted.
So of course I headed straight to the mall.
Where I bought 3 new adorable bras and these super cute swimsuit bottoms!
I though about posting a picture, but then I thought that may be borderline inappropriate.
So I didn't haha.

Unfortunately Forever 21 is RIGHT next to Victorias Secret,
There was no avoiding it...
I couldn't resist, and I went in...
There wasn't too much damage done though!
I controlled myself and left with 2 cute "summery" shirts, that were pretty cheap.
(you'll see those soon)
After shopping, I headed on over to Walmart to pick up a few groceries.
And when I say "A Few" I mean it.
I feel like this only happens to me, so let me know if y'all have this issue.
EVERY SINGLE time I get a visit from mother nature & need to go buy "supplies"
All I end up needing is...
 tampons, light days pads, toilet paper, and like acne cream or something else humiliating! HAHA
And I HATE it, because it never fails. 
And I'm literally so paranoid going into the store because I just know I will see someone I know,
and they will look in my basket & immediately think I am disgusting.
But anyways....
Kyle called me while I was there & asked me to bring him food cuz he was at work starving.
So I picked up some Chick-Fil-A for his little belly.
And then finally headed home, where I made some great health choices.

I started "dinner" with a nice little appetizer
I've been wanting to try this flavor foreverrrrr!
And it was pretttyyyyy yummy.

Which then led to the main course.
My body was not too thrilled with me

Which then led to this...

Yay I am so proud of myself!
I know I always say "Okay I'm really going to get in shape now..."
But I feel like this time I really mean it.

Especially because the Miss USA pageant is coming up,
and I feel like if I'm in shape while watching it I'll have a smaller chance of wanting to
electrocute myself afterwards. Haha
And one of my really good friends is Miss Texas (Brittany Booker)
I went to high school with her, and we played volleyball together, and she is the sweetest thing!
I also think she has a REALLY good chance at winning.
Everyone go vote for her NOW!


  1. lol. I need to head to the mall too. Super cute look. Love it when you dress casually.
    Seattle Beauty Fashion Blog

  2. oh my gosh, after seeing your workout sched, i definitely need to get on my game and start working out too. we need to be bikini ready for the summer. although you already have a nice body so keep it up. :D

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  3. lol...'smaller chance of wanting to electrocute myself afterwards.' that's the spirit!!