Fitness tips & advice from yours truly.

Todays post is dedicated to health, fitness, & awesome work outs.
Basically everything I've been lacking lately.

I'll start off by sharing the May calendar from Tone It Up!

Click the picture to go to the website & see a bigger/printable version.
For those of you unfamiliar with Tone it up, I highly recomment you go check out their website!

I'm really sad that today is my last day at the elementary school,
I feel like I might cry when I say bye to the kids...
I really hope I dont because theres nothing I hate more than crying in public.
BUT It's also great because I'm going to have WAY more time 
& energy to get back on track with my work outs.

Does anyone do quick at-home work outs immediately after they wake up?
I love the idea of working out as soon as you wake up,
before you actually realize what you're doing! Haha
I figured I'd share with yall some good, quick work outs to do
as soon as you wake up in the morning!
So, here ya go people!
Via Pinterest.

The 4 Minute Work out:
20 second burpee with push up
10 second rest
20 second mountain climbers
10 second rest
20 second high knees
10 second rest
20 second jumping jacks
10 second rest

Another Morning routine:
50 jumping jacks
5 push ups
20 sit ups
20 mountain climbers
30 second plank
7 burpees
Repeat 3 times.

A lot of you have been asking me about my work outs & fitness secrets.
Well, I dont have any.
I'm kind of one of those girls that everyone hates, you know,
the ones that eat a ton of junk food and stay small.
I have been blessed with some pretty awesome genes & a fast metabolism.
But I also love working out!
I played sports my entire life and was always in shape so I know what works for my body.
And I know how to work out to get the results I want.
This semester I have barely been working out at all because I've been so busy & stressed.
But after today I am officially getting back on track!

Fitness Tips & Advice:
(I am by no means a professional on health & fitness,
 I am just sharing what I know from experience & what works best for me)

Everyones body is SO different.
Copying someones work out wont make you look like them,
we are all unique and that's a GOOD thing!

1. Drink A LOT of water, all the time!
2. I'm a big fan of eating small meals through out the day rather than eating 3 medium/large meals
3. Cardio is your best friend. If you want to lose weight you HAVE to do cardio to really see definition.
4. You HAVE to lift weights, you wont get bulky if you're also doing cardio, you need to lift weights in order to strengthen and tone your muscles, if all you do is cardio it's more than likely you will be thin but still be jiggly & you wont really get that toned firm look.
5. You have to understand that losing weight or toning up takes time, you cant expect to see results after a work out or 2.
6. Consistent. Consistent. Consistent. This is KEY, you need to be consistent with working out, & you need to change up your work outs so your body doesnt get used to them.
You also need to be consistent with your eating habits!
7. Dont deprive yourself! I dont really believe in diets because I think they're unrealistic.
Practice portion control & you're golden.
8. Figure out WHY you want to lose weight/ tone up/ get stonger.
Write it down, & put it somewhere you will see every day.
9. Stop looking at food as something bad/a reward system/ a healer.
Food is great & we need it to help nourish our bodies, not help us get over a break up.
I still need to practice what I preach because I often fall victim of the "emotional eaters",
especially when it comes to stress, but hey I'm working on it!
10. Love your body, no matter how much you weigh or what shape you are.
Nobody is perfect, not even all of the super models in the magazines that everyone
drools over. We all have our flaws & we all have our awesome parts ;]

I love answering yalls questions so keep them coming!
What do yall want to see on my blog?
I'm going to start posting my work outs
 so yall will know exactly what I do for a work out each day!

Have a great Wednesday everyone!!

Reminder: No more Throwback Thursdays


  1. Thanks for the workout tips!! I feel like I am in the same boat as you. I have a fast metabolisum and am one of those girls that can eat anything and still stay thin. However, I want to tone up and get rid of some of my stomach pudge. I have also been watching what I eat. Candy bars and chips are out. Granola bars and healthier snacks are in! And I feel better about it :) I also am going to start a workout routine to commit to! Eliptical and weights are my best friend!
    What workout do you know of that works your bum really well?!?! Other than squats of course!

    Thanks :) :)

  2. I lvoe this. Thanks for the Tone it Up workouts. I recently just got on a big workout kick. It makes me feel SO much better and has helped relieve stress. I also love junk food- all kinds- pastries, candy, you name it. I take a couple of things to work and have just been eating 250-400 calorie frozen lunches for lunch. I have started to run races and do some extra cardio to burn some more calories. I'm one of those girls who will never lose the yuckiness in some parts of my body, but it doesn't hurt to try, right. My new pair of running shoes came in the mail today so I can't wait to try them out tonight!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Great advice!!

    Will definitely try some of these workout routines!


  4. Love this, happy last day! That's so exciting.


  5. Love your tips! I follow the TIU girls and am currently doing their 2012 Bikini Challenge! Love it!!! Only problem I'm really having is finding the motivation to get up early in the mornings & do my workouts. I KNOW I would feel so much better but, my motivation is definitely lacking in the AM hours!

  6. great tips! you got a blog makeover! LOVE the new header! so cute!!!


  7. But I've been to the gym 3 times this week...why aren't my skinnies back yet?? haha

    Congrats on your last day, I hope it went well =)

  8. Love the tips. I'm gonna use them! :)

  9. Amazing!!!I love it!!



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