Good times.

My life has been SO busy!
Work is taking over my life.
My schedule this whole week is 1-8.
 Hopefully lots of money will be made though.

On Friday one of my besties was driving through town so I got to meet up w/ her,
I also got to meet her new boyfriend! Which I approved of. 
We ended up meeting at this little mexican place called chachos.

The picture below was posted to make you laugh, not for you to judge me.
Too many pina coladas makes for interesting pictures.

Sooooo anyways,
I have been needing a new phone case but haven't been able to make a decision!
I came down to these 2.

I originally was OBSESSED with the top one and was for sure going to buy it.
Then I really started to love the telephone booth one.
Well I ended up tweeting a pic asking which one I should get,
and while waiting for responses I ended up buying the phone booth one.
Then I looked at twitter and EVERYONE had said to get the other one.
So now, I really want both.
Which one do y'all like best??
Maybe if my next pay check is good I'll buy the other one.
Have a great daaaay!


  1. I love the phone booth one, it is so different! Both are cute though.

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE the phonebooth one :)

  3. That one picture is hilarious! & I like both phone covers... the one will eventually break so, you'll need a back up one! :)

  4. I really do like the phone booth one, good pick.

  5. I think the phone booth one was the right choice. P.S. I mentioned you in a post yesterday!

  6. Love both of the covers. I'm obsessed with phone cases and buy so many for my iPhone. It's a sickness really.

  7. I love the phone booth one! :)

    I'm currently having a giveaway on my blog if you're interested!

  8. Where are you getting them? I love the phone booth so you made the right purch in my book ;)