It's Thursday already?

Hi, I know I do the same poses for every single outfit picture.
Sorry if it annoys you.
I'm not a model. :]

Top: F21, Sweater: F21, Shorts: Wet seal, Sandals: F21

Kyle took me to breakfast yesterday before I left to go home.
I've been craving this place ever since I went with my girlfriends for my birthday!
Luckily for us they JUST built one near Kyles house and it's finally open,

I decided to get the whole wheat granola pancakes, with a side of bacon of course.
I only got through about half of it,
but oh so good.

Tonight is the visitation for my Papaw, and then the funeral is going to be Friday morning.
Thank you all so much for your kind words and prayers,
it really means SO much, and I am so grateful for y'all!
Kyle and I will be heading over to his house Friday night to hopefully
have a nice relaxing/fun weekend with his family!

Have a fab day ladies (& gentlemen) 


  1. You have some killer legs! Have you ever tried cornbread pancakes?? BEST FOOD EVER! Seriously try some :)

  2. I am so sorry for your loss. Stay strong pretty girl!

  3. I do the same poses every time too LOL
    and people always *always* say something about it...

    I'm like... and what of it ?!
    Haha! ;)

    Happy thursday pretty lady!

  4. Thank you, you're too sweet! Love the new header! Can't wait until I look good in shorts!