Something Casual & Graduation day.

Something Casual.

I need to invest in some new sticky boobs.
(you know those cool "bras" that are basically boobs and they stick to you & clip in the front!)
The whole bra thing showing through my cute shirt just isnt cutting it.
(Top: TJ Maxx, Shorts: Abercrombie (old), Sandals: Agaci, Necklace: Gifted)

It is officially graduation day!
My family is on their way and I cant wait to hug every single one of them.
I feel really weird, like I'm not going to be a college student anymore.
I'm going to be an old person.
Okay, I need to stop thinking about that.
I need to focus on not tripping when I walk across the stage.
I am not the most graceful girl when it comes to walking in heels, but I'm going to do my best!
I hope all of you have a FAB weekend, mine is going to be busssyyyyy.
Oh and my first day back at work is Sunday from 12-8,
Yikes, I'm going to have a crazy weekend and a longggg day back at work Sunday.
The hours arent too great, buttt it's a fun job and I make pretty good money!
Hopefully it will be busy, probably not though
 because no men will be golfing on Mothers day, if they know what's good for them.

Well I hope it's a good weekend for everyone!
Hopefully all this rain will go away and we'll get some pretty weather!


  1. Whatever color your hair is.....I want that.

  2. Congrats on graduation, so exciting. Love this outfit. Ugh, I have tried to embrace sticky boobs but I feel so...naked.

  3. LOVE the outfit, that shirt is hot! I don't mind the bra peeking through look though, it seems kind of peekaboo cute ;)!



  4. Congratulations on graduation!!! Very exciting!

    Love the shirt.

  5. Congratulations on graduation! And I work at a golf course too! Here's to hoping our Sunday won't be slow. =)

  6. Congrats!!!! And I love your top!

  7. Congrats on graduating! And I love that top :)

  8. Congrats on your graduation!! I bet you're so excited! :)