Target Tuesday & Tattoos.

love this.

This looks SO comfortable.

I bought these this weekend!
So cute.

So anyways, I have REALLY been wanting to get a tattoo.
I talked about it here a while ago.
And I actually went to a tattoo shop this weekend.
I originally wanted to get,
"There is peace in the shelter of His arms"
but decided that, that was way too long.
So I fell in love with,
"I carry your heart"
It's shorter but still has the same meaning behind it.

So I went to a tattoo shop,
only to get extremely let down.
I showed the tattoo artist a picture of what I wanted
and he said that theres no way he could do that.
This is the picture I showed him.

He said that the print was way too small, and he won't do it.
I was really confused and upset.
So I asked why, and he explained that tattoos with small print always end
up blurring together and looking really bad and he just won't do it.
He also made a good point when he said,
"The last thing you ever want is for someone to look at your tattoo, and say 'what is that'?"
So I asked him to draw a quick sample of the absolute smallest print that he could do.
and this is what he gave me.
It was WAY bigger than I was hoping.

But I've been looking at it and putting it up to me & I'm starting to get used to the size.
I want to know yalls thoughts though.
Too big?
I know it's blurry & hard to see the writing.
But you can pretty much get how it would look.

What do y'all think?
I was supposed to go back in yesterday, 
but I wanted to think about it a little more,
Because it's a big decision & I'll have it for the rest of my life.
I absolutely love the quote & the placement,
Just questionable on the size.
Help me out people!


  1. Absolutely LOVE it. I think I like it bigger anyways!

  2. I think it would look awesome! & perfect size! Get it!!!

  3. You should put it on with temp tattoo transfer paper. Get used to the idea of seeing it there. If the size doesn't bother you then, then go for it :) It's very pretty though

  4. I looove it! I think it will look awesome :) You definitely want to be 100% sure that you like it because like you said, you'll have it for the rest of your life.

  5. I think it looks fantastic, but if YOU aren't happy with the size, go to another tattoo artist. I have a tattoo on my foot with writing much smaller than that done by an apprentice.. and it turned out wonderful! It's completely up to you.

  6. I would def go to another tattoo artist and just ask and see. But I had the same answer with one of my tattoos that they were worried it would end up blending together and to do it bigger. I did end up doing it bigger and love it!

  7. I *love* it. My tattoo on my wrist is black script and I was told the same thing. Impossible to do as small as I wanted so he did it much bigger than I hoped. I went for it though and I LOVE it. I can still cover it with bangles if I want. :)

  8. I agree with Brielle. Go to another shop & ask. Mine and a few of my friends have smaller than the script he drew up & I know it's possible to get the size you want--the guy you talked to may not be able to do it properly, though. Just ask around & see but maybe look at their portfolios first to get an idea of the artists style. If you're unsure about any part of it, don't settle! :)

  9. I bought those wedges too a while ago! Love themmmm!!

    I don't think it's too big! The tattoo artists definitely has a good point. It looks nice when people can actually read what it says.

  10. I got one in the same spot just last year and I was told EXACTLY the same thing and ended up just getting it bigger. The first week or so I was a mess thinking it was far too big, but now I love it! I think that if I would have gotten it smaller I would have regretted it.

  11. I love the tattoo!!!!! The same thing kind of happened with my foot tattoo - he made it a lot bigger than I wanted but I love how it turned out! I'm excited to see it if you decide to do it! :)

  12. Actually I wish I had gotten both of mine bigger now looking back. I am afraid the one on my heel/foot will blur all together one day. I'm looking at a similar placement for my next one, but I definitely think he's spot on for yours! DO IT! DO IT! DO IT!

  13. I love the tattoo! I have one on my foot (the Greek word agape) that's about the same size. But I agree with everyone else! Dont just settle because one person told you one thing. Gera second opinion before you jump into it. This is a huge decision and something you will have for the rest of your life! PS I want a tattoo in the same spot - super cute!

  14. Maybe if the text is written finely, it would be okay to make it smaller? Love the font and the text though! :)


  15. Love the tattoo. Get it. :)

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  16. I love it that size! Smaller font means when you are older it becomes all smooshed together and illegible. It will look good. :)

  17. Love the tattoo and the size! I am in the same boat as you...want a tattoo but struggled for so long where I would get it. I LOVE where you chose it is definitely one of the spots I considered. Easily concealable. Go for it girl!

  18. i just did not get a good vibe from that guy! i'd go to another tattoo place and get a second opinion!

  19. I think i like it better in the smaller font. I would also recommend talking to a few more tattoo artists and getting their opinion on the size. My friend had a proverb tattood on that exact place on th eside of her rib cage but going downwards, and in the same size as the picture you brought him and the betters never blurred and its easy to read!! It looks fantastic! :)

  20. sorry, Letters not betters haha.

  21. I wouldn't do it (Leviticus 19:28). Can you imagine old ladies with tattoos? After all, that's what we'll eventually be right? Plus, think of all those toxins!

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  22. I'm obsessed w tattoos! I have 4 for now. I actually want to get a tat in that same area!!! To be honest it's a little big for your skinny body. I just don't think it will look right. To be honest I'd go to another parlor and see what they say bc I know you can go a little smaller than the & still have it look good. You're already a beautiful girl w a slamming body so be careful when u ink you don't want it to over power you! But I do love what you want to write!

  23. I think you can go a little smaller since the font is thin it shouldnt have a ploblem blending into each other. I have writing smaller then that around the same area. Also be aware that you have it around you bra strap area and sometimes it might effect the healing process or even cause color fade. So go with you gut and get the size you like because it is your body go to another shop and see what that say. it woulndt hurt! But that part of the body is painful lol just a heads up! XOXOX

  24. that's too big ! go smaller it will be more delicate looking, try to get a few more opinions from other tattoo artists first. Also, it's a tattoo, aka PERMANENT so if you didn't originally love it .. do not settle for it.. it's not like your buying a prom dress or something