Why are people so crazy?

SETTING: Walmart check out line

Voice from behind: "You really like that fiber huh? hehehe"
Me: *slowly turning around in confusion* 
(I see a mexican man about 2 inches shorter than me that literally looks like he got out of prison an hour ago.)
"Ha, um ya I guess so"
Man: Yaaaa, you trying to be healthy or what?
Me: "Um, ya I guess so, I haven't been lately so that's why I'm here buying healthy stuff."
Man: "ohhh ya, alright alright, so do you like play tennis or what?"
(I was wearing my work clothes)
Me: Ha, no I work at a golf course & I just got off so that's why I'm wearing this.
Man: ohhh man, thats what y'all wear! Thats HOTT! hehe"
Me: "extremely uncomfortable laugh" slowly turn around.
Man: "hehe just kidding."
Me: silent, facing the opposite direction.
(5 seconds go by)
Man: I bet you get a lot of tips out there!
Me: "ha, sometimes"
Man: "So do you live around here?"
Me: (in my head) *dont answer that, his gang is outside waiting for you in a van*
"Uh, ya I live kind of by the school"
Man: ohhhh ya, you go to school or what?
Me: nope..just graduated.
Man: ohhh ya, I've been thinking about going back to school, ya know..
Proceeds to tell me what seems like a 5 hour long story about him wanting
 to become an RN.
Me: *nodding with a fake smile making it obvious that I'm not
 paying attention to anything coming out of his mouth*
Man: So what did you go to school for?
Me: "...Education..."
This man continues asking me 100 questions about my life, when FINALLY...
Cashier: "Are y'all ready?"
(In my head: "Omg does she legitimately think we're together, I need to get out of here, what if he follows me?! I'm never wearing this to walmart again. Did I tell him where I lived? He's going to follow me home.")
Me: Yes, I'M ready.
*putting my groceries in my basket frantically*
I finish paying and am about to walk away.
Man: Alright well I'll cya later ;] 
*holds fist out*
Me: (in my head) "WTF? does he actually want me to fist pound him right now?! Where am I?!"
Me: *awkwardly hit my fist on his* "Ha, pound it?"

Okay, after typing all of this out it doesn't sound AS creepy and awkward
as it actually was in real life.
It was so bad y'all.

I go to TJ Maxx, cuz my moms the bomb & got me a gift card for there.
So I'm just flipping through the clothes racks when I hear these deep strange mumbles.
I look up to see an older man going through the WOMENS clothes, and dead staring at me,
mumbling things to himself.
We make direct eye contact, & I immediately look away & continue shopping.
So I'm thinking, Surely he's with his daughter and he's helping her out or something, right?
So I move over to the shoes section....he follows.
I go down one aisle, and start going down another when he turns & is walking my direction.
Panic mode.
I'm stuck omg he's looking at me.
So I pretend like I look at a shoe for 3 seconds & immediately turn around.
Then I hear mumbles that sound a little like, "oh dshshfd ya, beautiful dfjdhfkjshfs"
I couldn't help myself, so I turn around
Me: "Excuse me?"
Man: How are you doing?
Me: Oh I'm doing fine, I'm sorry I thought you said something to me.
Man: starts mumbling more & walking faster towards me
So I speed walk my ass to the next aisle.
He follows...Staring.
At this point I'm terrified & convinced that every rapist/gang in town is out to get me.
Oh and I am 98.5% sure that this man was homeless.
I literally swivel my way down 3 different aisles trying to lose him.
Then run to the dressing room so I can try on my stuff & leave.
Y'all, as I was trying on my clothes, all of the sudden,
 I see feet pacing back & forth in from of my dressing room.
My stomach fell into my butt, I seriously thought I was going to die in 2 seconds.
Thank God it wasn't him.
I sprinted out of that place so fast.
And literally looked behind me my entire way home.
Still paranoid as we speak.
Why are people so crazy?


  1. I would've sh*t a brick right there if that guy was following me!

    I had a similar situation happen at the grocery store- luckily I knew everyone in the management office and had the man escorted from the store and had a friend walk me to my car.

    Keep your wits about you... lots of crazies out there...

  2. woooow. Sounds like the walmart guy was just hitting on you but that TJ Maxx guys sounds like a super creepo!!

  3. I always have weird experiences at wal-mart. The prices may be low but it is such a weird place! You have every reason to be creeped out by those two experiences!! Hope they never happen again!

  4. haha this is absolutely hilarious. the way you told the stories was brilliant and kept me in suspense until the end. i'm so sorry you had to experience this, though. those are the most uncomfortable situations.

  5. That is crazy, I would have freaked out!

  6. ewwww that TJ Maxx guy gave me the creeps just reading about it!!! I probably would have started crying the in the dressing room.

    And your Wal-Mart story perfect example of why I will drive out of my way to go to Target. I HATE Wal-Mart. I had a creepy run in at Wal-Mart before and have not been back by myelf since. I was on the verge of screaming HELP. I was that scared. And that was not the first scary situation I had been in there. Not worth it!!!

    p.s. I probably would have had the same "gang" thoughts where the wal-mart customer asked where you live also. Creeper!!! Who ask where someone lives when you dont even know their name!??! Ughh guys are so dumb sometimes!!!

  7. Hahahaha I love stories about getting hit on, just brightens my day right up to hear I'm not the only one. New York City is FILLED with nutholes like that.

  8. HAHAHHA - OMG! I would act the same exact way! I hate when stuff like that happens - I probably look so mean when it does but I'm just so grossed out! :)

  9. I had this happen to me once at a Target and I seriously wanted to run!!! People are so creepy; I never went back there actually!!!


  10. You better stay inside the rest of the day! YIKES!

  11. I used to work at walmart...sooo many creepy people come in, it's ridiculous! I was always paranoid someone was waiting to jump me outside when I got off work!

  12. Oh my gah that is so scary! I would have probably gotten on the phone and been like "dad how was work AS A COP?" :)

  13. Oh you poor thing!!! What does your work outfit look like?!? Lol!!!

  14. I hate creeper's when you're alone somewhere! I carry pepper spray with me, you should too! haha

  15. Oh my gosh, I was so concerned for you as I was reading this post! Seriously, what is the matter with creepy men??? Do they really think staring, mumbling under their breath, and stalking is OK in this day in age?! No! It does not want us to get to know you and LESS than we already did! So glad you high-tailed it out of there safely!

  16. Ew that's so creepy!!! I would've pretended I didn't even hear the guy if I was in line at the cashier! Haha!

    I'm having a fun giveaway on my blog!

  17. This is outta control... hahaha 'pound it?!' Funny, last time I was at WalMart I met a creeper in the check-out line as well. I avoid it now.