Girl time/To catch a predator.

It was SO good being home for a few days!!!
I got to see 2 of my best friends, and had some bonding time with the parents also.
The time went by incredibly fast, which is a good thing because obviously I was having a good time.
Although I hate leaving I am definitely ready to see my Kyle!! 
So here's a little recap of yesterdays events.

My girl Mary beth & I decided we wanted to have a pool day.
So I head on over to her house & we decide to go to the pool in her neighborhood.

We decided to have a photo shoot in the car because we hadnt gotten a picture together yet.
Well here are 2 of the 57 we took...In basically the exact same position hahaha

So we get to the pool and bake our skin off and talk about our lives,
you know the usual.
Then we got hott and decided to head back to her house and just relax for a little while.
We were scrolling through DVR when both of our eyes lit up and we saw an episode of
"To Catch a Predator"
Ahhhhhh! Is anyone else obsessed with shows like that?! 
Talk about creepy/interesting/weird entertainment.
So if you haven't heard of this show, it's basically where a team of people
(usually undercover cops) go into chat rooms posing as young kids/teenagers and get these
creepy guys to meet them at this house and then.....
 BAM! surprise you little freak, you're getting arrested.
anddd you're on national television, yup, go ahead take a look in the camera and say hi to your wife!
Ohhhhh man I LOVE it. 
If you haven't seen it you should definitely youtube it!
Actually I take that back, I'll give y'all a little sneak peak of one.

Like, is this not insane?!
There are TONSSSSS of these videos!
It makes me so sad to think about how perverted this world is,
oh and half the time the men had wives AND children!!
Crazy & disgusting.

Well I'm heading back home today,
Hope all of you enjoy your Wednesday!


  1. So glad you had an amazing weekend with friends and your parents!
    And Eric and I watch weird shows like that all the time. We love 'em! :)

  2. Aw, love the pics! Ry and I have been known to do that ;) To Catch A Predator is out of control - Chris Hansen is hilarious... PS - I nominated you for an award today!