Just What I needed.

Yesterday was JUST what I needed!
No worries, no responsibilities, just some girl time.
I'm in my home town and I FINALLY got to see one of my best friends, Mary Beth.
it has been WAAAYY too long since we last hung out.
I was at the mall & she had just drove in from Dallas so we decided to meet at Starbucks,
We sat in her car & drank our coffee & had girl talk for hours!
Those are the best conversations, seriously though.
I think the best conversations I have with people are always in a car.

We went back to my house because my mom cooked us spaghetti,
and us girls were going to watch the Bachelorette together,
I was SO excited when my friend Jennifer said she could come over & watch it with us,
Especially because it's been way too long since i've seen her little girl!
It was so much fun catching up and being with my friends, I miss them SO much.
I hate that all of my friends live in different cities.

Seriously I love coming home.

Have a great day y'all!!


  1. She looks like a mini you!

  2. I hate having friends spread out all over the country--- so unfair!!! Glad you got to see your friend and her ADORABLE little girl.

    And your dad's note?! Melt.my.heart.

  3. That's a pretty cute note! :) And that little girl is a cutie!

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