Lazy Summer Days.

Top: F21, Jeans: Ross, Sandals: F21. Ear rings: Avon

Yesterday was amazing.
I have never been so lazy in my life.
really though.
I did NOTHING but drink coffee and watch Millionaire Matchmaker all morning.
Then Kyle came over around noonish and our plan was to go to the pool,
but we decided it was too cloudy. So we stayed on my couch for quite some time.
And we made mean/lazy faces at my computer.

And some silly ones too.
Haha. Such a great looking couple.

Anywayssssss, after a few hours of being lazy we decided we should
probably do something with our lives.
So what did we do?
Searched pinterest for ideas. Ideas on something to do, or possibly something to make!

It was so cute, while we were searching I kept finding things I really liked.
Like we were going through the "Home decor" section, & at one point Kyle said something like,  
"That would be good for OUR home, not mine though."
I think I might have blushed? Like is that supposed to happen after you've been with someone
for 5 years & ALWAYS talk about your future together?
I just love moments like that when he says something that catches me off guard &
I literally turn into a school girl blushing and getting this funny feeling in my stomach.

I love that even though we've been together for so long, & pretty much know that
we're going to get married & be together forever that I still get those feelings.
teehee. <3

But anywayyyyys, after searching we finally found something that would work
for his house!

Kyles been needing a decoration or something to put in this space in his "man room"
of his house.
and he found this picture online, and we thought we'd try to recreate it!
I mean it's really kinda perfect for a "guys house"
So we went to Lowes to buy some stuffs!
And went back to his house to start working on it in the 100 degree weather.

Turns out the wood we bought kinda sucks :/ and we got hott & hungry,
so we kind of gave up for the day haha.
But I'm sure he'll keep working on it this week since he doesn't have work!

We ended up going to out main mexican place for margarita night.
I told Kyle last week that it was on me.

Such a nutrient filled meal.

It was a great night, but now i have to work all day long for the next 3 days!
Gotta bring in that moneyyyyy

Who loves giveaways?
Who loves cash?
Everyone? I thought so.
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  1. hehe I love your pictures of you guys trying to make that sign!! made me laugh, I would never ever be able to make that, but my boyfriend probably would as he is a joiner/carpenter. i would stand and watch him make it as i dont like his power tools!! Scaryyyyy.... :D

    Well done for picking up that jigsaw (is that what it is?! haha)!

    Jen xxx

  2. Haha, ya'll are so cute together.

    And you look great in yellow!

  3. You and the boy are toooo funny! I mean, let's be honest. Only a REAL man will Pinterest with his lady. Just sayin'. ;)

  4. I love that you guys got on Pinterest together!!! And you better get those feelings in your tummy for the rest of your life woman!!! ;) You guys are adorable

  5. I LOVE Ross, unfortunately they don't have one where we live now :*( So every time I go down south to visit my family, I make sure to visit my favorite store ..with the best deals!!! :)

    And love the silly faces too! :)

  6. Haha I love how you guys are adorably searching Pinterest together and BAM you choose a gun decoration. It kills me, I love it!

  7. great top! my dress is from Discovery (it's a cheap teenage bopper store in which I'm embarrassed to say I still shop at) but it's cheap and I'm addicted!