Let's talk about dresses.

I am beyond excited to have a few days off work.
I am TIRED, so tired y'all.
So these next few days are going to be spent catching up on rest, & hopefully working out.
And I also need to do some shopping...okay, okay I WANT to do some shopping.
Today I'm going to talk about dresses.
I own like 2 dresses, literally.
I never buy dresses because I always look awkward in them.
Yes I am small, but I have an awkward body, its very little boyish.
No hips, no waist, it's just kind of....there.
Therefore dresses have not always been my best friend.
Butttt I'm going through this dress phase & I want to buy like 837 new ones.
And I just might.
Here are some of the dresses I am in love with.

 Is this not the most amazing dress ever?!
I am obsessed with it but they don't have my size.
Major sads.
From UrbanOg.

Little black/blue dress.

From Charlotte Russe.

Gotta have this beauty.

From Threadsense.


Im kind of in love with cut out dresses.
This ones from ASOS.

LOVE this color.
From Agaci.

I'm going to the mall today
Oh boy, this could be dangerous for my bank account.

OH and a BIG shout out to my Sister Tara!
Her birthday is tomorrow :]


  1. Great now I wanna buy dresses ;)

    I LOVE IT!

    my bank account doesn't!

  2. I never wear dresses and for the same reason you do not. Unless I add a belt I look like the dress is just hanging on me. Not much curves over here either.

  3. I have soooooo many dresses, I just love em! They are the perfect summer outfit and I love having so many that still transition into fall! :) Skirts is what I'm in need of! ;)

  4. I am in a dress hunt every time at the mall! My cousin's short too and she always has a hard time looking for dresses so she always ends up buying a cute top and shorts. ;)

    I'm having a $50 Shabby Apple Gift Card Giveaway on my blog!

  5. Aw, good luck at the mall...I'm wishing your bank account that. I just got a couple cute dresses at your fav - Tarjay ;)

  6. Um, I want that last dress. Have fun shopping- and sleeping!

  7. woo! buy me some!! happy tara eve!