Long days= Long posts.

Top: Target, Shorts: Pacsun, Sandals: F21, Jewelry: Charlotte Russe

Does this ever happen to anyone else?
Whenever I'm trying to figure out what to wear for the night,
& I put on an outfit & in my head I'm saying,
"Omg this looks awful, does not go together at all,
it's going to take me 8 more days to find something to wear."
And then your boyfriend/husband/whomever walks in & says something like...
"dangggg baby..."
"*raises eyebrows* you're lookin sexy"
"I LOVE that shirt!"
gives your the *I want to rip all of your clothes off stare*
No? just me?
I know it sounds flattering but it's SO frustrating, well sometimes, sometimes its great haha.
This was us last night, I had NO idea what to wear, & I wanted to look really cute
So I could entertain y'all with my amazing fashion sense
(I wish)
but realllyyyyy, and then I put this number on (above) and Kyle was just 
in love with the outfit, me not so much.
But hey you gotta make your man happy!
Sometimes casual/simple goes a long way!

Yesterday was the longest day ever!
Okay, it actually wasn't but it REALLY felt like it.

I had work at 1, and there was a tournament, tournaments are money makers
but this one was different, the certain "group" that was playing is known for being cheap 
& not tipping, so I wasn't too excited about working.
Anyways, tournament days are days where
you sweat profusely for 7 hours straight & are lucky if you have enough time to
shove whatever kind of food is available in your mouth in less than 5 seconds.
I was SO excited when I made my first round, people were tipping me, giving me $5's & $10's!
I was pumped.
Buttttttt I think I just had a good first round, people kind of stopped after that,
but I still made pretty good money!

Anyways, on to better & more exciting things
(insert sarcastic voice here)
After we both got off work Kyle & I decided to go get drinks & watch the game somewhere!
In other words, we went to outback, sat at the bar, & I drank & stuffed my face while
the basketball game kept Kyle entertained.
Neither of us were that hungry so Kyle ordered a BIG steak that we could share.
I have this problem, where I tend to say,
"I'm not very hungry, I'm not going to eat that much."
And then once the food comes I eat everything in sight,
including other peoples meals.
I also have this other problem where I am freezing anywhere & everywhere I go.
Like goosebumps cover my entire body & more than likely I will start shivering,
like a crazy person.
So as you can see in my outfit pictures above I wasn't wearing much to keep me warm.
I mean I did bring a little sweater, but my legs were cold too!
So I grab mine & Kyles napkins & manage to create some form of pants out of them
and wrap them around my legs.
It looked totally normal.
lol just kidding.
But that still wasn't doing the job, so unfortunately I made Kyle chug his beer so we could leave.
Don't worry I made sure the game was over!
So we get in the car & were being all sweet & lovey dovey with each other.
and we may or may not have made out in the car for a little while.
(bringing back the high school days) Haha!
And then I used my womanly powers to force him to take me to get some ice cream
And he did, because he's the best boyfriend.
So we finally get home, it's midnight by now.
And I make myself a massive bowl of cookies & cream ice cream.
Even though just an hour earlier I was complaining that I had gained 4 lbs.
Oh the joys of getting away with being moody & bi-polar & still being loved.


  1. Bahahahh GIRL! You crack me up--- I have tooootally done the napkin on the legs thing in a restaurant before, no lie! I get cold sooo easily too, Jared always thinks I'm crazy!!

    And I agree with your man, cute outfit! Simple but very cute!! Teach me your waysss! ;)

  2. I always use the napkins to cover me up! It's one of the first things I do when I sit down. (Olive Garden has the best napkins- since they are so thick!! =))


  3. I am always cold everywhere too!! I'll be the girl wearing jeans and a sweatshirt in 90 degree weather! haha

  4. Fancy restaurants have the best leg coverers...I meannnn napkins. Those things warm me right up!

    Oh and don't ever take me to Outback because you will watch me balloon right in front of your face. Bloomin' onion, Loaded Potato Walkabout soup, a steak to my face/lobster tail combo, plus another side of loaded mashed tatos, plus drinks. Oh my god I feel like I just gained a pound writing that.

  5. ha love the ice cream part at the end! And my husband does that clothes thing too! Im chaging outfits a bunch of times and then he walks in and is like wow that looks really good even though Im frustrated up to my eyeballs! But, those shorts are really cute and DO look really good on you, so there you go!

  6. I like the outfit too! It's super cute & your legs look amazing! It's funny my boyfriend likes me better dressed down in a simple tee. I'm like whyyy its so boring! Haha!