Stars & Stripes.

 I love America.
Scored these shorts from Target!
I've been dying to get a pair like this and I was shocked when I saw them on my random Target trip!
Hoorraaayyyy, aren't they cute?!

I made Kyle cook for me this weekend, 
because I'm the boss.

Tortillas with sausage & cheese,
mmmm our favorite!

We also got some of our favorite chips & some "homemade" guacamole from HEB.

It was quite delicious.
 After stuffing ourselves we did a lot of lying around.

I was SUCH a good girlfriend and watched golf with Kyle,
for a long period of time too.
Y'all, I actually got into it, Kyle ended up falling asleep and I STILL watched it.
What's happening to me?

I hope all of you had a great Fathers Day & spent a lot of quality time
with your families!
I unfortunately worked ALL day long, literally, I worked from 8 am to 8 pm.

And this little tiny asian man asked me how much I cost.
And this man with his 10 yr old son said "Damn...look at those sexy legs"
and this man said "do I get a free butt squeeze with this beer?"
Quite an interesting Fathers Day if you ask me...
Oh boy, I'm ready for some days off & some shopping!!!


  1. I need those shorts for the 4th of July!! So cute!!Also, all my boyfriend has been watching lately is golf! I am going crazy...

  2. Love those shorts & I MUST find me some!

  3. Wow, definitely sounds like an interesting fathers day, haha. I love the shorts though and I like how you paired them with a simple top.

  4. i had to watch golf all weekend, too... i've never understood how men can just watch it all.day.long. i need some action in my life!

    and sausage in a tortilla with cheese is my go-to meal...i thought i was the only one!

  5. Cute comfy outfit!! I had to watch Golf all weekend long too....lol!

  6. Seems like you always end up having an interesting day at work in general! Love the outfit girl! xo

  7. Girl- love the shorts, jealous you found them at Target. I am in the process of making some!! Haha, posts in the future to follow! :)

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  9. Those shorts are sooo cute! Adorable post!

  10. 1 those shorts are too cute, wish I could pull them off and 2 lol where are you working girl? i guess wherever there are horny asian men?! haha oh and 3 love your toenail polish. do you know what it is? ☺ thanks!

  11. omg i want those shorts!!!!! i wonder if they still have em?! theyre fabulous!


  12. STARS AND BARS! I need those shorts. I'm going to Target on my way home