A fresh start.

Well, i have been incredibly blessed and God has definitely been taking care of me.
Ive been able to stay at a hotel the whole week, and all of my belongings that got ruined are
being replaced, insurance is paying for most of it.

So after everything happened these people "flood masters" came to look
at the damage at my apartment, and they told me that they would go through everything,
look at it and figure out what stuff is salvageable and what stuff is going to need to be replaced.
A team of ladies came to my apartment on Saturday, whipped on some fold out tables 
and cleaning supplies and got to work.
My mom and I left to go try and find some new furniture for my new apartment and by the time we got back my entire apartment was clean and all packed into about 50 boxes. I was seriously in shock,
I had no idea they were going to pack everything for me also.
I have never felt such a HUGE weight lifted off my shoulders, it was amazing.
These people were SO awesome, it's a family business and the girls come in 
and clean and pack up everything and then the boys move everything.
Unfortunately the boys weren't going to be able to move my stuff until Tuesday so I
called up Kyle and his roommate and they helped me move all of the boxes into my new apartment.
Praise God for boys and their ability to move a large amount of boxes in a short period of time.

Here are some pictures of the water damage right after the fire happened.

they threw my favorite blanket in the nays bathtub :(

These are only a few, but as you can see it was a MESS.

And this is what I saw after the ladies from flood masters were done.
Amazing, right?!
This is actually in my new apartment right after Kyle & Josh helped me move them.
But still, you get the point.

I think the thought of having to clean and pack all of the random junk all over my 
apartment was stressing me out more than anything, and it actually worked out perfect
because my mom and I ended up buying new furniture and doing express next day delivery.
Which means they can deliver any time from 7 AM to 10 PM with no courtesy call.
So we literally had to be in my apartment all day long until they were there
so all of the unpacking definitely kept us occupied.

It was actually a really good day, it was just me and my mom.
I had no TVs, no internet, and so we talked and laughed A LOT, like uncontrollably...
you know the laughs where no noise comes out but both of your faces are blood red and your falling
on the floor holding your crotch so you don't wet your pants?
Ya, those kinds of laughs. 

We pretty much unpacked everything then decided to order a pizza,
had a little picnic in the middle of the floor at my apt and talked about life.
then did some more unpacking/cleaning.
At around 6 mom decided she needed to go get a snack, so she left,
and the sweet Lord baby Jesus answered all of our prayers and the movers came!
I answered the door with the hugest smile on my face and the man literally thought I was in love with him.
Thank God my mom got back quick.
So after they moved everything in mom and I had to run all over the place buying everything
else I needed so I would pretty much be all set before she had to head back home.
We left at 6 and didn't get back until midnight and we were EXHAUSTED.
We still had a few things to get done in the morning and then she had to drive all day,
so we went straight to bed.
I've pretty much got everything all set up in my new apartment,
I need to get Kyle to hang up all of my pictures when he gets home from being out of town,
and I'm still waiting to find out if my TVs work or if they need to be replaced,
and my clothes and shoes should be back to me sometime next week unless they're ruined.


  1. Oh no! I missed what happened but so glad everything worked out ok! oxox

  2. I am so glad to hear that insurance is paying to replace everything. The team of ladies that helped sort and pack everything are awesome! I can imagine how relieved you are that you don't have to. So awesome that your mom has been so helpful too. Sounds like everything is working out wonderfully :D & I bet you ladies are having fun shopping!

  3. Love your new apartment! Can't wait to see pictures with the new furniture!

  4. I was gonna say they even cleaned the carpets?! What a great lil service!

  5. I am so happy everything is turning out for you! I hope everything continues like that : )

  6. Wow, so glad you are settling in. Things always work out in the end but so glad you have so many incredible people to help you out!

  7. PS - I *so* apologize for saying 'so' about 8 times in that one comment. ;)