It's okay Thursday & Camera suggestions

It's okay that I only got 2 hours of sleep last night and had to wake up at 5:30 for work this morning,
Because I had an AMAZING time with my friends at the Randy Rogers concert and it was totally worth it.
Me, Paige, Claire.
Love these girls.

It's okay that my new apartment is still a mess and none of my pictures are hung up,
because I'm already 100x more happier living here than I was in my old apartment.

It's okay that I haven't worked in 2 weeks,
because I desperately needed a break from work anyways, just wish my dryer didn't have to catch on fire!

It's okay that it's in the middle of the day and I am just now writing this post,
because sometimes real life comes first and blogging is hard to stay on top of.

It's okay that I have a severe addiction to cheese,
because that's totally normal right?

I hope all of you lovely people are having a great Thursday!
I'm about to take a nice long nap, and then hopefully going to go purchase a new camera today,
since mine got damaged!

Any suggestions on a camera?
I had a Nikon Cookpix L120, and I'm thinking about doing a small upgrade.
Should I stick with Nikon or switch to a Canon?
I wanna try to buy one at or below $500
Let me know if you know anything about cameras or have one that is amazing!


  1. You can't go wrong with either. I've owned both. I currently use my Nikon DSLR for everything but If you do your homework, you will read from many top photographers THERE IS NOT One better than the other. They are both fantastic cameras. Don't let people's opinons tell you otherwise! :)

  2. I have a cheese addiction too - totally normal - LOL

  3. I love my Nikon DSLR. My husband bought it as an anniversary gift so I'm not sure how much it was. However, it's our "we're grownups now" camera. So my advice would be to save for a good one (I wish I had had it 3 years ago!).
    Like CMae said, I don't think one is going to be better than the other.

  4. I know both are good quality brands but I just bought the Canon 1100d and I LOVE it!!!! It's a Reflex, semi-professional camera and the quality is AMAZING!!! I also had a Nikon Coolpix, and I still use it, but the Canon is just much much better for blogging..I don't know how much it would be in the US, I paid about 400€ for it over here =)


  5. OMG blogging is so hard to keep up with sometimes. I didn't blog at all today . . . and that's not all that unusual for me. Totally understandable! And as for cheese . . . it is one of the greatest things on earth, so fear not. I don't know what I'd do without it.

  6. i have had both and prefer canon, all the way. i am sure you will be happy with whichever you purchase though.

  7. New apartments take time to settle into and make your own...I'm still working on mine and it's been 7 months! I think it's a never-ending process of making it your own.