It's Okay y'all!!!

Finally joining in on "It's okay Thursday!!"
It's been way too long!

It's okay that I didn't celebrate the 4th of July this year,
Because I had a 12 hour work day and was EXHAUSTED, and I will celebrate on Friday instead!

It's okay that I have been extremely unhealthy & inconsistent with my work outs the last few weeks,
Actually it's not okay and I need to get it together ASAP :/

It's okay that I haven't been doing a lot of fun things this summer & been working my butt off,
Because I'm becoming a grown up & learning how to pay the bills is good for me!

It's okay that I hate my little, teeny, tiny, overpriced apartment,
Because I'm going to do everything I can to move soon into a bigger & better priced place!

It's okay that I'm kind of being a negative nancy right now,
Because this is my blog where I say what I want, because I'm the boss.
teehee. :]

It's okay that I have been a slacker when it comes to blogging & that I'm losing followers,
Because the ones that are still here are the ones that matter & they understand that life happens
and I can't always have super fun, entertaining posts every day.

It's okay that I have work all day today,
Because I'm going to see Magic Mike tonight with my girls! 

Everything is going to be okay.
I've really missed "It's okay Thursdays"
Especially because they're almost like free therapy sessions haha

I hope everyone had a FABULOUS 4th and watched fireworks and spent time with people you love!

I'm going on a family vacay in August and I am getting SUPERRR anxious!
I'm ready for some family/vacation time!

I reallllllyyy want to get some cute new swimsuits though.
For some reason I am SO obsessed with tops like this.
This ones from Target.
I just think they are so dang cute!
Do y'all agree? Or am I just a weirdo?


  1. I agree with you, the followers that stay are the ones that do matter; we care to hear about how you are and what you do whenever you decide to post it! There should be no time limit on how decide not to post! & I love that bathing suit top!

  2. Girlfriend, it's ok to not blog everyday! I don't! I know some people do & that's fine for them... I just don't have time to have a post for every single day & I think that's just fine! That top is adorable! Love the color too!

  3. We didnt do much to celebrate the 4th either. It was nice to have a random mid week day off though.

    Love that swimsuit top! I have banned myself from buying anymore swimming suits this year though!! Ive spent WAY too much on them already :) whoops!!

  4. I have a swim suit top like that! Mine has a cute pattern on it. I LOVE it! It provides the coverage I need! haha :)

  5. I lose/gain Twitter followers very randomly, plus I know I could have more Twitter followers if I put in the effort to constantly and consistently network. But I don't and it's okay :)
    And thank you for spelling "vacay" with a "y'". I can't stand when people spell it "vaca". That means cow in Spanish!

  6. No I love that top and have been looking everywhere for one! So thanks I'll be stopping by Target!