Sometimes I have bad days.

Did you miss me yesterday?!
I know, I know...I've definitely been a slacker when it comes to blogging lately.
I need to figure out how to get back on track.
I needed to take a day off from blogging yesterday because Sunday was super crappy.
Work was awful, girls are stupid and annoying (just this one at work actually),
by the end of the day I didn't want to think about ANYTHING,
therefore I had no blog post.
But I am back & I miss y'all way too much, I feel so behind on what's going on with everyone.

Sunday was stinky & it kind of continued on through the night even after work.
Kyle & I went to a super late dinner.
Well he had dinner I just drank because I had eaten already.
Okay, actually I ate half of his dinner & then forced him to order a tower of onion rings,
because I do what I want & "healthy eating" doesn't exist on stressful days.
So anyways, I was a grumpy butt for the beginning of our little date but that went away pretty quick.
We ended up having a really good time & I sang him Justin Bieber on the drive home,
and he loved every minute of it. No, really you should've seen his face.
He LOVED it. :]
But anywayyyyyssss.... I've been doing pretty well on keeping up with my work outs & eating
somewhat better.
Yesterday I did 3 blogilates videos and then did the elliptical for 30 minutes & walked for 15.
I'm not working out like I used to but hey at least I'm working out!
I hope everyone had an awesome Monday, and I hope you have an even better Tuesday!

This is what I wore on date night. 

 I wore my brown boots with red zippers with this little number.
It was quite comfy if I do say so myself!

Top: H&M
Jeans: Garage
Bracelet: F21


  1. Sorry to hear people at work suck.... I'm right there with you, and actually had a pretty overall crappy weekend because of it :( So I feel ya. Nothing a little food and your man can't fix though right?! Hope this week is MUCH better for you!!!!

  2. yeaa sometimes people at work are soo annoying, you would just love to fired them yourself hahaha I also love to sing Justin Bieber songs hahah Very nice jeans <3

  3. Sorry people at work sucked so much, at one of my last jobs I was in a constant horrible mood because of how much drama and b.s. went on there. At least your night got better with a dinner date! Too sweet that you sung him Justin Beiber ;)
    Like always, I love your outfit! Definitely wouldn't mind if you lived next door.. haha I would want to borrow clothes all the time :D

  4. I love that. "healthy eating doesn't exist on crappy days" haha. I agree. My best friend left for 2 years a week ago and I think I gained 5 pounds the next day drowning my sorrows in calories hahaha