Too much?

y'all...I'm about to get REAL honest here.
I hope Kyle doesnt read this...

I am SO freaking ready to be engaged.
you know that E-card that everyone posts as a joke on pinterest.

This is my life.
I am SO ready for Kyle to pop the question,
and I'm probably being really annoying about it.
But it doesn't help that every time I calm down about it and accept the fact that it might be a while,
someone younger than me gets engaged.
I think 5 of my facebook friends have gotten engaged in the past week.
okay, sorry...

So anyways, I just needed to vent to yall.
In hopes that you wont think I'm a psycho and some of you can share my pain.

I mean we've been together for almost 5 years now,
we're great together.

Want me to prove it?
Cuz I will.

This is one of our firsttttt pictures together.
Please embrace my friend Vo, making my friend Liz appear to have a weiner.

Are yall throwing up yet?
Haha I'm sorry for the couple obsessed post today.
But hey I told yall I needed to vent!
That boy up there is my best friend and the love of my life.
and I'm going to learn to be patient until he's ready to marry me.
I mean, he's doing the smart thing and waiting till we both have real jobs.
Well atleast that's his excuse for now ;]

Okay, now that I got that off my chest I'm done being a psycho,
and regular posts will continue tomorrow.

Kyle and I both work at the same Golf course today,
which means we'll probably have a sneaky romantic 5 second make out session somewhere,
because we do what we want.


  1. Girl ... I seriously, seriously feel your pain! M and I have been together 6.5 years and my YOUNGER sister is getting MARRIED in two months and all of her friends have started getting engaged already ... where as every single one of my friends is either engaged/married or working on their 1, 2 or 3rd kid LOL. It is so so frustrating at times, so definitely I can relate! And I know what you mean - just when I think I've got it all under control and my emotions are in check, someone else posts a lil bling on FB. That pin you got up there?! Welcome to my life!!!! xoxoxo

  2. I love fun old pictures! Your time will come.. probably when you least expect it, and we will celebrate with you!!

  3. You two are soooooooo flippin' adorable together! Don't be ashamed of this post, you should be proud of such a great relationship! Your day will come lil lady. :)

  4. Those are some great pictures of you guys!! I'm sure he'll be poppin' the question soon enough! I definitely get where you are coming from.

  5. You two are so cute :)
    Hope we puts a ring on it soon!

  6. You guys are like the cutest couple in the world. Seriously. Well besides me and my husband- but it's whatever ;) I really do look forward to the day I get on here and see that you're engaged! I bugged Jared for a looong time about wanting a ring, and I swear I finally stopped and he popped the Q. I was totally annoying ;)

  7. First, before I get into anything serious, how did you fit in the shopping cart?! I'm really tempted to go try to.. but with my luck I would get stuck haha!
    Secondly - I am SO with you on your vent. Granted, I've only had to wait a little over three years.. but I know what you mean. So many of my friends are getting engaged and married after only a couple of months and even as little as ONE month! It makes me so irritated. I mentioned it to John and he said "at least when we get married we will be the only ones doing it". I just rolled my eyes.

  8. You guys are tooo freaking cute!! I was in your shoes about 2 years ago.....I wanted a ring SO bad and made it very obvious....once it comes though you'll be so happy you are surprised and you'll forget about all this time you've had to wait:)

  9. okay first off! not too much every girl starts to feel that way after a while and 5years! way to go! the wait killed me too! secondly ALL of those pictures are WAY too cute! i hope you don't have to wait much longer! when he does propose the wait will make it that much better! good luck!

  10. My husband and I got married 5 days before our NINE year anniversary. I'm not trying to discourage you by saying that, but when I read that you all have been together 5 years I kind of giggled a bit because I was you a couple years ago. I was thinking the same thing like WTH is going on???! Why aren't WE getting married?! It will happen. It will happen for you also...promise!!! Enjoy what you have now and you will get your special day someday! Good luck!

  11. So cute. So flippen cute. Love all of the ones of him picking you up. Let's start a petition for you to get that ring. It should work.

    P.S. I have a Photo 411 Link Up going on that has a spot designated for your man friend if you'd like to show him off yet again without being a "creep" haha.

  12. I am the same way! My boyfriend & I will be together for 5 years come January & I found myself going through "fevers" as I like to call it. I get engagment fever all time time!

  13. you guys are adorable! and ive never seen that ecard, im stealing it bc its awesome...im with you on this monica, been with my bf over 5 and half years & the ring is NO WHERE in site...its very frustrating, annoying,and makes me want to scream...i literally dont get it.

    xo Kelly

    PS. Don't forget to enter my H&M Gold Layered Necklace giveaway & check out my new linkup!

  14. Been there. I was so obsessed with my then boyfriend asking me to marry him, that I would actually get mad at him when he didn't. How DARE he not propose to me at Christmas or Valentine's day, or that time he said he had a surprise for me, so OBVIOUSLY he was going to propose?!? Finally I just broke down and told him that I didn't understand why he didn't want to marry me when someone who obviously didn't love me, had. Backstory: I was engaged to someone else a couple years earlier; we had dated for seven years and he called off our wedding via email. Admittedly, that probably stoked my "must get married" fervor.
    Anywho... as much as it sucks to be the girl who isn't getting engaged while everyone else seems to be, it sucks WAY worse to always feel like you rushed or forced your husband into marrying you. While now you may wonder why he doesn't want to marry you, if you force it, you may always wonder IF he really wanted to marry you.
    Patience BLOWS, and I totally feel your pain! Hang in there!

  15. I understand what you mean,my boyfriend and I have been together only 2 years but I feel so much pressure to already be engaged just because EVERYONE and their uncle's cousin's sister's best friend is getting engaged. It's even more annoying when it's someone younger or less attractive than you LOL. Luckily my bf and I have discussed it and we both want the same thing but I want to wait a little longer, for many many reasons, one being I just feel too young, though most people by my age (24) are already married....there's just so much pressure bc everyone is doing it and it feels like you're behind if you're not getting married.

    If you guys have been together 5 years I don't blame you for getting the itch. He probably has already been planning it but wants you to be totally surprised...just be patient girl, I think your time will come sooner than you think :):)

  16. Oh girl, i FEEEEEEEL you there. I was SO DARN READY and he just kept dragging his feet! We had been together for 6 years and EVERYONE ELSE was getting engaged and there I was....older...out of college....with the same guy since hs...and NO RING! But I'll tell you one thing. Once it happens, all that "waiting" won't feel so important. I promise!

  17. Ok first of all, you two are SO darn cute! And second of all, I'M READY TOO!! ahhhh I really wanna get engaged more than anything, but I know the timing is just not right. We're both still in school, we don't even live together (not even close by!), and it's just hard right now. Hopefully after we graduate though!

  18. Aw you look so cute together!!! Don't stress about the engagement...if you guys spend the rest of your lives together, that should be enough, the engagement is just a detail =D


  19. This comment is not a suggestion of what you should do, just sharing my experience :)

    I sent 8 years with my ex and finally put a date in my head because I couldn't handle the waiting. Now I am with a man who cannot wait to marry me and we are getting married next year :)

    Everything works out the way it is supposed to. God bless you for your patience. We need ladies like you!