Y'all are so great.

Wow thank you all SO much for the sweet words, and prayers.
It has definitely been a stressful few days but y'all definitely put me at ease,
Seriously every comment meant SO much to me and I am so grateful for all my blog friends!

I am excited to say that my mom is heading up here to help me move.
I can't wait to have my own place again, and not have my junk spread over 3 different places.
Our family vacation is in exact one month and I need to get my work out routine going!
gotta get it right and get it tighttttt ;]

I hope all of you are having wonderful weeks!
I should be all moved into my new apartment by Sunday, fingers crossed.
And I can start living like a normal human being again,
well besides having extreme paranoia about drying my clothes.
But anywayyyys, insurance was able to hook me up with a hotel room for a few nights.
The first night was rough because it would not cool down in the room AT ALL.
The 2nd night was great because Kyle came over, 
and we had a little Popeyes picnic

and boy was it delicious.

I also decided to go and buy myself some new tennis shoes,
mine were getting old and they got soaked in my apartment so I figured
this would be the perfect time to splurge and buy myself some!
They are quite bright haha

Mom should be getting here later tonight,
The flood cleaning people are going to come tomorrow morning to pick up my clothes,
and most of my furniture that got ruined.
Then it's time to do some shopping for the new apartment!
I'm actually really excited, just hoping it doesn't take too long to get everything in my new apt.
I'll be sure to post some pictures once everything is all set up!

Thanks again for being so sweet everyone!
Hopefully mom and I can get a little pedicure while she's here too,
my feet are not looking their finest haha.

Have a great dayyyyy!


  1. Love these shoes sooo much I have them in purple!

  2. Moving to your own apartment is such a big deal! But I'm sure you will like it. Good luck!
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  3. That's great the the insurance people paid for you to stay in a hotel, and it sounds like everything is working out okay. Totally sucks that it happened in the first place, but at least you get to do a lot of shopping!
    Love the tennis shoes, bright! I wouldn't mind having a pair of hot pink ones haha.

  4. I hope you get everything sorted!! that must have been so scary what happened i would have actually not known what to do!! i was have been terrified!

    Hope you dont get too stressed! Jen xxx

  5. So sorry to hear what happened! Hope you get everything worked out! Cute shoes!