It's Friday, an outfit post will have to do.

Top: SheInside.com
Shorts: TJ Maxx
Sandals: F21

I couldnt be happier, just gotta make it till 5 and I am in relaxation mode for 3 whole days!

Okay back to my outfit...
I ordered this top online and was THRILLED about it,
This top was a one size only, and since the other 2 tops I ordered
from this website were one size only and ended up being smaller than I had hoped
I figured it would be the same with this top.
Nope, this one was massive, thankfully I managed to tie it up to where it looks like it actually fits me.
That's what that strange bulge is poking out by my hip in the top picture.
I havent washed it yet so hopefully that will shrink it a little bit,
but overall I'm really happy with it and cant wait to figure out all of the different
things I can wear it with!

That's all for today folks.
This weekend I'll be catching up with all of you and commenting on blogs!



Last day on the beach, First week on the job.

Hat: Charlotte Russe
Top: H&M
Shorts: Target

Mom and I searching for sea shells!

I think I spent the entire time at the beach searching for a whole sand dollar.
I never found one :(
But Tara and I found a ton of pieces of them which was surprisingly just as exciting.

I would do anything to go back...
well maybe not right now because of the hurricane,
but holy crap yall I am SO stressed and overwhelmed.
New jobs where you have to learn everything from scratch are not fun.
Definitely keep me in your prayers these next few weeks because I 
am going to be busting my butt and stressed as ever.
I am SO excited for this 3 day weekend though, after this week
I definitely need an extra day to relax and prepare myself for another hectic week!

It's 9 pm as i'm writing this and I just ate 4 honey buns...
yes, 4. 

I'm going to need to work out tomorrow.

That's all.


Pools, Boats, and Darla girl

The day started out at the pool.

And then the boys surprised us...
With a boat for the day!

We were all SO excited, 
We all hopped on board and they took us to this little place on the water to have lunch!

After lunch we drove around for a little while,
last year we went on a "dolphin cruise" which was a total fail.
They claimed they had a glass bottom on the boat so you could see straight into the water,
well the "glass bottom" was absolutely filthy and you could see NOTHING,
and the people driving the boat had no clue what they were doing because there
were pretty much dolphins everywhere except by where we were.
So anyways we decided we'd go look for dolphins on our own.
WARNING: Dolphins are my most favorite things in the entire world, 
and I get overwhelmed with emotion anytime I come near one or see one.
So we're driving around and I see one!
So we slowly drive over to where we see some dolphin fins and there are about 3 or 4 swimming around!

My sister and I are all camera happy, 
snapping a million pictures a minute, when all of the sudden....
There is a splash 3 inches away from our boat.
Literally have no clue where that name come from, or why I named this male dolphin Darla.
But he was swimming RIGHT next to the boat!
I didnt get great pictures because I was busy hyperventilating, peeing my pants a little, and crying.

We became best friend REAL fast, I'm not sure if she knows that though.

After all of the excitement we decided to head over to a small island and relax,

It was suchhhhh a great day!
I cant wait to go back. 
Tomorrow will finally be the last vacation post and then I can start filling y'all
in on what's going on this week!
Happy Wednesday!!
Only 2 more days till the weekend, 


I want to read a good book, help.

just holding my baby ;]

Daddy and I

Sun model?

my parents are the cutest

favorite boy in the world.
Such a gorgeous sunset! 
We headed out to the go cart place this night on our vacation,
I dont think you can ever get too old for go carts.

Afterwards we went to a book store because my lovely sister has an unhealthy
obsession with reading, (like two 300 page books in 1 hour obsession)
and as much as none of us wanted to go, by the time the store was closing none of us were ready to leave!
All of us ended up getting at least 1 or 2 books.

I really do enjoy reading, I always seem to forget how relaxing it is.
Any good book suggestions?
I still need to read the 2nd book of fifty shades,
I loved the first one, even though it was a bit intense and too detailed at times,
I could never put it down!

Let me know if you have any good books you've read lately!!
Hope everyones Monday didnt feel like one.


Beach day.

Just doing a curtsy.

eeeeeeeep! Sea turtles!!

I built a dolphin sand castle :]

loveeeee him.
We had SUCH a fun day on the beach!
I only almost drowned twice, which is kind of impressive for me,
Since my swimming technique is similar to that of a dying cat.
The current was really strong and the waves were pretty big,
 I had the bright idea of standing right where the waves would break 
and a huge one came in and literally swept my feet from under me 
and I face planted into the water.
It was awful and I have this problem where I always forget to hold my breath
 and I literally take a huge breath RIGHT when I go under,
 I should really work on that...

I cant believe I start my big girl job today,
I'll be sure to tell yall ALL about it,
it's just training so hopefully it wont be too intense.
I still need to catch yall up on our vacation so I'll probably continue doing that
the next few days, and then towards the end of the week I'll fill yall in on
how my training is going!
Excited to read about everyones weekends!
And super excited about all of my new followers!!


Food babies & retirement plans

For those of you who dont know me that well,
I have an unhealthy addiction to bread and butter.
I could literally eat 4 loafs, and that's not exaggerating.
So, the other night we decided to head out to one of our favorite restaurants out here,
It's a really cool place and the best part is that they have a person that throws you fresh hot rolls
whenever you want one.
And they also had a huge tub of butter sitting right in front of me,
VERY dangerous combination yall.

It was a ton of fun, and I had the biggest food baby ever afterwards.
I've been getting food babies pretty frequently lately...
Maybe that's why my swimsuits seem to be fitting a wee bit tighter, whoopsie.
After we ate we went to check out this pier, I'm glad we went because the beach there
was beautiful and we ended up going to that beach the next day!

I cant believe vacation is almost over,
that gives me the major sads.
Especially since I start my big girl job Monday and I know I am going to be super overwhelmed.
I need to go on a permanent vacation,
I havent even started my career and I am already looking forward to retirement haha

Happy Friday yall!
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


Suns out, guns out.

The sun FINALLY came out and we took full advantage!
We ended up going to the beach around 10 am, 
which was definitely not my idea but we were scared if we waited longer
it would start to rain again.

The beach is one of my favorite things in the world,
even though I am terrified of a shark breeching and eating me alive,
 and I am an awful swimmer, I still love it.

So my dad had this great idea of buying a "go pro"
For those of you unaware of what that is, it's a tiny camera,
that comes with different strapping devices such as a head strap, chest strap etc...
It's completely water proof and basically unbreakable and the boys have been enjoying it a little too much.
Here's an example...

This is Kyle at the resort, dunking his head in the water to video the fish swimming.
Tara just about peed her pants when this happened and my parents were crying laughing,
I'm used to this kind of behavior so I wasnt surprised at all lol
We've been taking this thing EVERYWHERE
Maybe if yall are lucky I'll show some of the footage ;] MAYBE.