Another Tuesday.

oh just workin that leg pose.
Top: F21
Lace bandeau: Aerie
Shorts: Target
Sandals: F21
Bracelets: Charlotte Russe

I had the day off yesterday so I decided to go to the pool for a little while.
And I got stung by a bee on the foot;
For the first time EVER, holy crap those things hurt.
Therefore, my time at the pool didnt last long because I was in pain and super paranoid
after it happened.
So I decided to go shopping instead :]
I got this great wallet from Urban Outfitters,
as well as a few other things that I'll have to show yall later.

Kyle and I decided on a random movie night.
We literally decided to go to the movies 10 minutes before the movie started, 
hence the lazy thrown on outfit of the night.
It was sooooo comfy though :]
We FINALLY went and saw batman, and I'm not gonna lie...
in the middle of the movie I almost had a silent panic attack picturing a psycho
coming in and shooting everyone up.
Thank God that didnt happen.

Anyways, the movie was really good!
I liked it a lot, and it definitely kept me entertained, I never found myself bored,
which seems to happen to my quite often in movies. 
Soooooo I highly suggest you go see it if you havent already!

Oh and guess what yall....
Kyle and his roommates got a frying machine...
yup, you heard me.
This could be dangerous, I am definitely on the path to obesity.
Lord help me.

Have a great Tuesday!


  1. The one and only time I've been stung was when I tramped on a bee of some sort while barefoot. The bottom of my foot swelled up with a big lump the size of baseball. Benedryl is your friend!

  2. Cute shorts! Ugh bee stings are NOT fun. I've only had one on my wrist, but I was 6 years old and it hurt like a bishhhh! Jerky insects.

  3. I really liked the Batman movie too! Never got bored.
    I saw those shorts at Target and thought they were so cute! They look good! Sorry to hear about the bee sting. Ouch! Glad you weren't allergic!

  4. I am so in love with your flannel shirt! A girl can never have too many. Your outfit looks super cute and comfy.
    That's awesome that you guys went to the movies spur of the moment :D I want to see the new Batman movie so bad - but am pretty paranoid with all the crazy stuff that has been happening. Ugh.
    Sorry to hear about your bee sting :( those little suckers hurt!
    I am in love with my deep fryer, haha.

    I would love if you came by and checked out my giveaway: http://walifeandlemons.blogspot.com/2012/08/monday-miscellany-giveaway.html

  5. Ya know what I did the same thing last week when I went to see Dark Knight. Legit some creepster dude walked in one minute before the movie started and walked all the way up to the back row. I had so many visions of being shot in the back of the head that I had almost convinced myself to get up and leave. Good thing the movie was too good and it kept me in my seat. How horrible is that psychopaths can mess up our daily lives like that?!

    But I want to be Anne Hathaway's character for Halloween. And I want a fryer!

  6. I got stung by a bee twice in the same day and one of them was in my toe and it hurt like crap!!!! Seriously...I got paranoid after it as well =P



  7. I'm wearing something like this today except for the sandals. Lol. But you're outfit is so cute!

  8. Hottttie!! Love your outfit! I mean, how creeped out are you that I'm always on your comments all obsessed with you!? ;) Hopefully not toooooo much!

    I got stung by a bee once, right on the side of my head near my eye. Scariest thing ever!!!!

  9. I LOVE those shorts! You have the leg pose down girl.

  10. I need some serious pool time!! My legs are so pasty white, gross! So sorry you got stung by a bee though... I'm terrified of that pain, ha ha.
    CUTE shorts! Seriously, LOVE 'em!

  11. those shorts are from target?!? i love them and need them pronto!!