Beach day.

Just doing a curtsy.

eeeeeeeep! Sea turtles!!

I built a dolphin sand castle :]

loveeeee him.
We had SUCH a fun day on the beach!
I only almost drowned twice, which is kind of impressive for me,
Since my swimming technique is similar to that of a dying cat.
The current was really strong and the waves were pretty big,
 I had the bright idea of standing right where the waves would break 
and a huge one came in and literally swept my feet from under me 
and I face planted into the water.
It was awful and I have this problem where I always forget to hold my breath
 and I literally take a huge breath RIGHT when I go under,
 I should really work on that...

I cant believe I start my big girl job today,
I'll be sure to tell yall ALL about it,
it's just training so hopefully it wont be too intense.
I still need to catch yall up on our vacation so I'll probably continue doing that
the next few days, and then towards the end of the week I'll fill yall in on
how my training is going!
Excited to read about everyones weekends!
And super excited about all of my new followers!!


  1. Looks like so much fun! Minus the drowning of course.

    Hope you have a great first day tomorrow! So exciting!

  2. Cute pics! I miss the beach-- my parents and sibs are there right now.... BOOOO! ;)

    Good luck on your first day- you will rock it!!!

  3. Good luck with the new job today. I'm sure you'll do wonderfully.

  4. Good luck today - you'll do amazing! And I love your coverup.

  5. Super cute bathing suit! And yea, breathing BEFORE going under water is the way to go. :P Good luck today, I know you'll do great. :)

  6. Girl-I lived in a resort town my whole life, where we have a huge lake, and I still have yet to figure out how to swim correctly. I tend to just stay out of the deep areas, and if I can't? Basically doggy paddle my way to safety! Good luck with your first day of work at the new job!

  7. Haha a dying cat. Me too when it comes to crashing waves. Such a baby. Hope your first day went well!

  8. Looks like you guys had a wonderful time, minus the almost drowning incident ;D I usually stay away from the waves when they get too big.. I am so freaked that the under current will take me out too far!

  9. Aw looks/sounds like you had an amazing time!!! :) Cute bathing suit, too!

  10. Good luck with your big girl job!!!

    Ok, I was going to tell you how adorable your suit top is (which it is, it is), but your abs!!!! I need to start doing your workout!! :-)

    Glad you didn't drown! My swimming skills are about the same.