Business casual? I can work with that.

Top: F21
Jeans: Kohls 
Sandals: F21
Bracelet: F21

So I'm going into the business world and I'm going to need a new wardrobe.
So I decided to search for some looks that I like and I might as well share them while I'm at it.
Business casual doesnt always have to be boring!

I hope I can survive and be creative with this "business casual" dress code
that I have ahead of me.

That's all for today folks,
Have a great Tuesday yall! 



  1. You guys are adorable in that first picture! Congrats on 400 lovely blog followers too little lady.

  2. Business casual is great...that's how my office works, and I think it keeps it professional while you can still add your own sense of style to your looks. You'll do just fine! ;)

  3. I looove the top you're wearing!! So cute! Is it a recent purchase?

  4. You will do GREAT pulling off those bus casual looks - can't wait to see what you come up with!! Did you ever post what type of industry you'll be doing sales for?

  5. I know you will rock this look, you lock every look!!!! :)

  6. Love all those looks, and I know you will look absolutely great business casual!

  7. Love the skinny jeans..what brand are they? Kohls has so many brands.