Food babies & retirement plans

For those of you who dont know me that well,
I have an unhealthy addiction to bread and butter.
I could literally eat 4 loafs, and that's not exaggerating.
So, the other night we decided to head out to one of our favorite restaurants out here,
It's a really cool place and the best part is that they have a person that throws you fresh hot rolls
whenever you want one.
And they also had a huge tub of butter sitting right in front of me,
VERY dangerous combination yall.

It was a ton of fun, and I had the biggest food baby ever afterwards.
I've been getting food babies pretty frequently lately...
Maybe that's why my swimsuits seem to be fitting a wee bit tighter, whoopsie.
After we ate we went to check out this pier, I'm glad we went because the beach there
was beautiful and we ended up going to that beach the next day!

I cant believe vacation is almost over,
that gives me the major sads.
Especially since I start my big girl job Monday and I know I am going to be super overwhelmed.
I need to go on a permanent vacation,
I havent even started my career and I am already looking forward to retirement haha

Happy Friday yall!
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


  1. we have a lamberts about an hour away and oh my word sister it's AMAZING!!

    i love that picture on you guys in your red pants. ADORABLE!!

  2. That place sounds like my heaven...MMMMM bread! And seriously, you guys take the world's-cutest-couple-worthy pictures all the time, so sweeet! :)

  3. I love food in general but oh my goodness bread and butter is amazing! :) Happy Friday! Love the colored jeans they're my fave!


  4. I LOVE bread too, and I've heard about Lamberts and SO want to go there!

  5. My husband is obsessed with bread and butter! It has to be homemade bread though (picky, picky).
    Adorable pictures and lots of good luck for your big girl job! It will probably take a bit to get adjusted, but I'm sure you'll kick butt at it! :)

  6. I like hot bread with melting butter!! So good!

    And I love your red jeans!! =D


  7. I heart your blog!I'm a new GFC follower :)

  8. Whatever you're doing girl, it's working! You eat the most delicious foods and yet manage to keep a smokin body?!

    I'm jelly.


  9. LOVE LOVE LOVE Lamberts! The only one I know of is in Gulf Shores. My parents live about 10 minutes away. And bread and butter is an addiction for me as well...ugh ...such a weakness!

    I am going to grab your button and add to my page...do you want to grab one of mine and do a swap? Just added you a while back but for some reason I haven't gotten any updates...and randomly found you again. so thought it would be easier to put the darn button on my page for my memory lapsed self. :) Hope your new job is going well!



  10. WOW you are a stunner!!! Your blog is adorable!! I cant wait to read more posts!!:) New follower!!:)


  11. I love your bright red jeans! Where did you get those?