Fridays letters and an outfit.

Kyle and I go on too many dates.

Just kidding, theres no such thing as too many dates ;]

Top: TJ Maxx
Shorts: Garage
Sandals: Charlotte Russe
Bracelets: F21 & Charlotte Russe

Dear Friday, I am so glad you're here because I dont have work today! And I'm going to spend you at the gym, the pool, and other fun places!
Dear Pizza Hut, We arent friends because you make me lose all self control when it comes to portions.
Thank you for expanding my stomach to the size of a 9 month pregnant woman last night with those 6 pieces of pizza and 3 pieces of cheesy bread.
Yes people, this girl can eat.
Dear Insurance, I'm getting a little annoyed with all this phone tag going on, I know I know, you want to know what happened with my apartment and blah blah, but I just want all my stuff back, so I'll talk to you if you promise me money, and a new washer and dryer, oh and my TV's back! Thanks.
Dear Married Jerk who promised me a legitimate job months ago, creeped, asked me on dates, invited me to argentina and after I generously declined your offers and made it clear that all I was interested in was a job you told me you couldnt help me out, and then I see you again yesterday and you tell me how hott I am and say "let's try this thing out again"...If I see you again I will shove every single one of your precious golf clubs straight up your....yall get the point.
Dear Coffee, I'm not really sure why I decided to stop drinking you? But I am SO glad we are back together. Please forgive me.
Dear Monica, (yes I'm writing a letter to myself) Listen girl, you've got a beach vacation to go on in 15 days! And you are in the worst shape of your life, that's not okay, and you need to get your life together so you can rock those bikinis with confidence, got it? good.
Dear Kyle, Come hang up all my pictures and decorations in my new apartment, I can barely pick up your 12 lb drill and I need to watch you be manly while I sip on wine.

That concludes my letters for this week!
Yall always love Fridays, I wish I loved them just as much, but my schedules always different
and It's not Friday for me because I have work tomorrow.
Ohhhhh well,
Have a great day yall!!!


  1. I hear ya with the pizza. Every Wednesday is buffet night, and let's be honest. Who can resist a pizza buffet.

  2. LOVE the outfit, the sandals are super cute! And date nights are the best. Hope you have a splendid weekend! :)

  3. Pizza Hut can be my worst enemy too!!! Why does it have to be so good!? :)

  4. Pizza and cheesy bread are the worst when it comes to trying to eat a health portion! I could demolish an order by myself... so good! I love your top!

  5. Just came across your blog from a friend's pinterest! Love your outfits and just looking through your blog, came to wonder, do you live in San Antonio, because so do I! (I'm from Ohio originally though) :) Thanks for some fashion inspiration!

  6. I love these letters, specially the one directed to coffee!!! How I understand you!!!