God is goooooood,
all the tiiiimeeee
He puts a song of praise in this hearttttt of MINE!

Yall, this is the song I was singing and doing embarrassing dance moves too 
from 3:30 yesterday until right now.


So here's how this all fell into place.

Setting: Palmer Golf course Snack Shop
Me: *closing everything up ready to get the eff outta this joint, praying noone shows up*
*tapping on the window*
I see a man and a boy around my age.
I open the door.
Me: "Well hello there! How are yall doing?"
Man: Oh, we're doing good it's getting really hot out here!"
Me: "Well I'm pretty sure I can help you out a little, would you like something to drink?"
blah blah blah random conversations.
Man: "So are you going to school?"
Me: "Oh, I actually just graduated, and I'm just working here till I figure out what I want to do with my life"
Man: "haha well what did you get your degree in?"
Me: "education...*insert sad face*' buttttt I dont want to be a teacher"
Man: "hmmm...sales?"
Me: "I would LOVE to do sales! People tell me I would be good at it all the time"
Casual conversation blah blah blah
Man: "Well we're actually doing interviews tomorrow if you're interested"
Me: "YES! what's your name, phone number, where do I go?!"
*I was a bit eager*
So we give each other our information and he says he'll get in touch with me later.

That night I get a text from him around 9:15
Text: "Monica?"
I was a little upset that he waited so long to text me and somewhat fearful that it was a scam
and he just thought I was hott.
Because that has happened before with another man, this same situation.
But no, he was really nice and we decided I would interview around 2 pm the next day.
I HATE interviews, 
I get so nervous and turn blood red after I say anything.
So anyways...
The next day comes and I am getting ready, surprisingly not nervous at all,
not knowing what to expect, not sure whether or not to bring my resume because it's all about teaching.
This is me right before I left!
Eek okay maybe I had a few butterflies.

So anyways, I show up and wait a little while then they walk me back to the interviewing room.
It was Tony (the guy I met) and 2 other men.

Before I continue let me just remind yall that I havent been taking my ADD medicine for the past few weeks, Therefore I have NO attention span, and I am very giddy all the time.

Okay so the 2 other men happen to be indian, with very thick accents.
yall, I have no idea what either of them said the whole interview...
I just BS'd my responses to them because I literally had no clue what they were saying to me.
I already had to try 100x harder to concentrate because of not taking my medicine and then the accents on top of that....Oh good Lord baby Jesus....It was ridiculous!
But anyways, they were all really nice and it was kind of like we were just having a casual conversation.
They didnt ask me those awful interview questions that everyone hates.
We just talked, and I asked them questions, and they told me about their company.
and before I knew it they basically told me to put in my 2 weeks at the golf course.
My heart dropped, I'm still in shock!
I am a grown up.
So anyways, of course they have to train me because I have no clue what in the world I'm doing.
But I start as soon as I get back from my family vacation!
Omg yall God is good!
This was seriously a miracle and I cant believe it actually happened!

I'm still a little nervous though, I almost feel like it's too good to be true.
So keep me in your prayers, and hopefully I end up LOVING this job and
everything works out! 



  1. Wow this is great!!! You go girl! Congratulations!! I really want this to happen to me! Hehe!

    Well done! :D

    Jen xxx

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!! You're a big girl now! :)

  3. Oh I am SO excited for you. YOU GO GIRL!! Congratulations :) YOu're going to rock it. God is looking out for us <3

  4. Congrats! Hopefully everything works and great and you love it!
    Accents get me too! I have such a hard time understanding people with thick accents lol.

  5. Yayyyyyyyyyy! Super pumped for you :) Go girl!!!

  6. good for you! it's crazy how things work out sometimes. good luck (:

  7. I wish some guy would walk up to me and offer me an interview ;)
    Congratulations!! That is too awesome :D

  8. Congratulations! That is awesome. What kind of sales will you be in?

  9. Congrats girl!! Would love to hear more about it...when you figure it out ;)

  10. YAY! Congrats and good luck!! Welcome to the working world:) Can't wait to hear more about the new job!

  11. awesome!! congrats congrats congrats!!

  12. Congratulations!!!! =D =D =D I hope you really like your new job!!!!

    But, out of curiosity, why aren't you taking your ADD medication? Couldn't that be bad for you? =X


  13. Congratulations! Amazing how everything falls into place : )

  14. Yay Congrats!!!! I hope you love it!!