I'm having some issues.

Sweater: She Inside
Shorts: Thrifted
Shoes: Pacsun

I'm having some issues with my header,
I think I changed it up about 86 times yesterday.
I cant seem to get it how I want it and it's driving me crazy!
But I dont really know how I want it...that's also driving me crazy haha
Someone help me?

But anyways, I wanted to talk about this sweater I'm wearing in the picture above.
Is it not the cutest thing?
I think it is.
Theres only 1 problem though.
I wish it was a teeeeeennnyyyy tiny bit bigger, 
When I purchased this online I imagined it being big, loose, and comfy.
I was a little hesitant on buying it when I saw that it was "one size" only.
But I figured hey, I'm a small person, therefore they HAVE to make it bigger,
therefore it will fit me loose, and perfect just how I want it.
It's kind of small on me, okay WAY too small on me,
I mean look at the sleeves!!!!!! 
UGH, so needless to say I'm a bit disappointed, but of course i'm still gonna wear it.
This sweater just has so much potential...if only it were a wee bit bigger :/ ohhhhh well.

So anyways, I had my first "training" day yesterday at the new job,
Holy crap I have a lot to learn.
hopefully :/

I'll be going on a professional clothes shopping spree in the near future...
for some reason those are just never as fun as regular shopping sprees.
Butttttttt I'll make it enjoyable somehow :]



  1. I think the sweater still looks awesome, I love it!!! And work clothes are SO not fun, especially after you've been buying them awhile lol. I realized I have hardly any non-work and non-bum clothes. I need to get on that!!!

  2. I think you can totally get away with the sleeves as just 3/4 length ones, cause I seriously didn't think it was small on, I just thought that was the style. LOVE the shoes ughhhhhh! And you should try a Banana Republic Outlet if you have one around you for work clothes, they're reasonably priced and last a while. :)

  3. you totally rock that sweater anyway..
    i love professional clothes shopping

  4. I think the sweater looks great on you! I specially like the color..I can understand that it's not exactly what you wanted, but I'm sure you'll find the perfect sweater =D


  5. I might be able to help a tiny bit with your header, depending on what you want to do with it haha. I have limited knowledge of blog layouts - I did mine myself but I am in no way professional!
    I love love love that sweater! If you hadn't of said it was too small I would have never guessed. I'm pretty gullible when it comes to fashion ;D Still looks cute either way!
    I would love to go on a shopping spree of any kind haha :D

  6. I love that sweater on you and the size!
    so after you posted about the site last wk, i checked out there website and holy heck they have a toooon of cute stuff! But i see its an asian store and am always scared they will be horrible quality or scams...so i was hesitaant on ordering from there..thought id see what you thought of it first!
    So how do you feel the quality of the clothing you order is? and the payment/shipping. etc?!

    thanks honey!
    xoxo Inna :)