Suns out, guns out.

The sun FINALLY came out and we took full advantage!
We ended up going to the beach around 10 am, 
which was definitely not my idea but we were scared if we waited longer
it would start to rain again.

The beach is one of my favorite things in the world,
even though I am terrified of a shark breeching and eating me alive,
 and I am an awful swimmer, I still love it.

So my dad had this great idea of buying a "go pro"
For those of you unaware of what that is, it's a tiny camera,
that comes with different strapping devices such as a head strap, chest strap etc...
It's completely water proof and basically unbreakable and the boys have been enjoying it a little too much.
Here's an example...

This is Kyle at the resort, dunking his head in the water to video the fish swimming.
Tara just about peed her pants when this happened and my parents were crying laughing,
I'm used to this kind of behavior so I wasnt surprised at all lol
We've been taking this thing EVERYWHERE
Maybe if yall are lucky I'll show some of the footage ;] MAYBE.


  1. Oh jeez! I definitely can't tell my husband about that camera, he'd be taping everything and anything...it wouldn't be a safe situation at all. Boys are so silly.

  2. That is too funny, our friends have a Go Pro camera that they use for drift triking and doing other silly man things.
    Glad you got to enjoy a little bit of beach time! Glad I'm not the only one who isn't an Olympic swimmer. :D

  3. Haha that last picture is just hilarious!! I have a crazy bf too, it never gets boring! =D


  4. great pics! that last one is hilarious! :)