Pools, Boats, and Darla girl

The day started out at the pool.

And then the boys surprised us...
With a boat for the day!

We were all SO excited, 
We all hopped on board and they took us to this little place on the water to have lunch!

After lunch we drove around for a little while,
last year we went on a "dolphin cruise" which was a total fail.
They claimed they had a glass bottom on the boat so you could see straight into the water,
well the "glass bottom" was absolutely filthy and you could see NOTHING,
and the people driving the boat had no clue what they were doing because there
were pretty much dolphins everywhere except by where we were.
So anyways we decided we'd go look for dolphins on our own.
WARNING: Dolphins are my most favorite things in the entire world, 
and I get overwhelmed with emotion anytime I come near one or see one.
So we're driving around and I see one!
So we slowly drive over to where we see some dolphin fins and there are about 3 or 4 swimming around!

My sister and I are all camera happy, 
snapping a million pictures a minute, when all of the sudden....
There is a splash 3 inches away from our boat.
Literally have no clue where that name come from, or why I named this male dolphin Darla.
But he was swimming RIGHT next to the boat!
I didnt get great pictures because I was busy hyperventilating, peeing my pants a little, and crying.

We became best friend REAL fast, I'm not sure if she knows that though.

After all of the excitement we decided to head over to a small island and relax,

It was suchhhhh a great day!
I cant wait to go back. 
Tomorrow will finally be the last vacation post and then I can start filling y'all
in on what's going on this week!
Happy Wednesday!!
Only 2 more days till the weekend, 


  1. oh my goodness how awesome!! super jelly!!

  2. Looks SOO fun:)What a nice surprise!

  3. I LOVE dolphins too! We swam with them in the wild while we were in Hawaii once. So cool. But now I want to do the Sea World thing and actually touch them and ride on them!

  4. I love these vacation posts! And holy moly, what a day! A surprise boat ride and hanging out with some dolphins...great vacation!

  5. Looks like so much fun and it is beautiful there!!

  6. How awesome is this?! Swimming with dolphins is on my bucket list so I'd probably be just as excited as you were! ha! Great pics!