Growing Pains.

Top: F21
Shorts: Target
Loafers: Target
Purse: Avon

Monday wasnt the best day for me....
growing up is hard.
I was at work when Kyle texted me and told me that
work called him and said he starts Tuesday.
WHAT! Tuesday?! That's tomorrow!
I went into panic/shock, I was expecting to still have another week
and weekend to spend with him.
Obviously he was shocked too because he still has a million things to do here.
So he called and got them to change his start date to Wednesday (today)
Thank God.
So we got to have a dinner together before he left.
We went to our favorite go-to mexican place,
I think we enjoy their margaritas more than the food.
But we had ourselves a little feast, and 1 too many margaritas.
After dinner I started getting sad, I couldnt keep up the "I'm fine" front any longer,
and I may or may not have had a melt down in the car.
He held me and told me that everything will be okay,
I know it will be okay, it's just that I know how much I'm going to miss him.
But anyways let's not talk about that...
Let's talk about how great he is and how he took me to the park to cheer me up.
(I'm obsesssssseeddd with swings)
I cheered up pretty dang fast.

He always knows how to make me smile

Bahahahhaah this picture cracks me up.

so thankful for him.

I'm most definitely going to miss him living 10 minutes away.
But I know this is all for the best.
I couldnt be more proud of him, and I know we'll be back in the same city soon.
But until then, this is going to make us stronger, 
and I cant wait to tackle him the next time that I see him.
Today is his first day and I cant wait to hear all about how it went!
I'm missing my family a ton so I mayyyy just hafta go visit them and see him while im there.
The week is halfway over!


A day of hunting.

On Saturday Kyle and a few of his friends decided to go hunting.
And so of course I just had to tag along.
It was so much fun, minus all of the mosquitos that were the size of my palm.
But it was such a beautiful evening and it was so much fun,
even though my aim is equivalent to that of Helen Kellers.

Hope everyone had a good start to their week!
Mine was a bit shocking,
and Kyles leaving sooner that planned.
I'll fill yall in on the details tomorrow.


Smiles and Surprises.

Top: TJ Maxx (brand:mine)
Jeans: F21
Loafers: Target
Bracelets: Charlotte Russe

So Kyle has been wanting this specific pistol for a while now.
He is OBSESSED with it.
and every time he would go to the store to buy it they would be sold out.
So I started doing some research, and was a sneakkkyyyy little girlfriend.
I ended up calling Academy and they had ONE left,
Thank God.
So I had them save it for me and went as soon as I could!

So I had been planning on giving it to him this certain way,
buttttttt after I bought it I just couldnt wait to give it to him.
So I headed over to his house, 
Once I got there I hooked the gun onto the back of my pants.
I was planning on him laying on the couch watching tv,
and I would walk in and then turn and face the tv and be all
"Ohhhh so what are you watching?"
and he would see the gun on me.
Well, it didnt exactly happen like that.

So I walk in, and he's in the game room walking around.
So of course I immediately get awkward, 
because that's not what he was supposed to be doing!
So I give him a hug in hopes that his hands would find their way down to my lower back,
and I could surprise him that way.
Nope, didnt happen.
So I keep making it a point to walk in front of him and stick my butt out.
But he was pre occupied looking for something.
I think he had at least 5 times that it was directly in front of him,
and he still didnt see it.
So I giggle and look at him after he walks right by me for the 6th time.
Me: "Reallyyyyy babe??"
Kyle: "...huh?... why are you laughing?"
Me: "lol nothing Kyle..." *Turns around*
Kyle starts to walk by me again and I see him stop and lean his body back 
to where his head is right in front of the gun.
I wish I could describe the look on his face.
Kyle: *huge smile* "uhhhhhhhhh......what is that?"
So of course I FINALLY reveal it to him.
He couldnt believe it.
He was SO happy and excited.
Which made me even more happy & excited.

Have a great Monday!


Fake Fishtail Tutorial


A little picnic, goes a long way.

hott mess.

Olive Garden to go.

Best soup ever.

Not sure what look he was going for,
but it works for him.
Kind of.
I was exhausted and felt like crap last night,
so Kyle picked up some Olive Garden and brought it over so we could
have a little living room picnic.
Exactly what I needed after a long hard week,
except the week isnt over...
But I can easily make it through one more day!

Reading all of yalls sweet comments throughout the day yesterday
made my day SO much easier to get through.
Thank you so much!

To answer yalls question...
Kyle will be moving about 4 hours away, which isnt too far Thank God.
But with both of us having brand spanking new grown up jobs
it's going to be hard to travel back and forth.
But I know we can make it through anything.

The great thing is, 
When I first got hired I mentioned to my boss where my family was (Houston)
and he said that there is a possibility that I could be transferred there eventually.
No clue when that would be, or if he was just saying that to be nice.
But everyone keep your finger crossed!
Because I would LOVE to be back in Houston with all of the people that I love.

Have a great weekend everyoneeeeee!


Changes and Encouragement.

Omg yall.

I am so incredibly excited for him.
As soon as I found out I literally told everyone around me,
I was at work, and I'm brand new so they barely know me, 
much less care about my boyfriend, but I was all like...
"OH MY GOD!!! Yall!!! Kyle got the job!!"
literally telling everyone in sight.
Haha I am SO proud of him and excited to see what the future holds.
He is going to be perfect for the job, and I know he's going to love it.

With that being said...
I'm so scared. He's leaving me. He's moving away.
Kyle is my best friend, the love of my life, he calms me down when I'm stressed, 
he makes me laugh, he makes me happy, and he makes me feel safe.
The thought of him not being around makes me so sick to my stomach.
But I am trying SO hard to be strong, and think of all of the positive things.
There are so many things changing and going on in my life right now,
too many things to go into detail about.

So today is all about encouragement.

I have this little deviotional book called "Jesus Calling" that my mom bought for me.
I just HAD to share what it said this morning.
Seriously perfect for everything that's happening in my life right now.
Maybe it will encourage some of you as well! 

Have a great Thursday everyone!!!!


Plaid shirts and Bar BQ

Top: F21
Leggings: Victorias Secret
Boots: Steve Madden via Zappos
Purse: TJ Maxx

It literally rained ALL day long on Sunday.
It was great though because I was definitely in the mood for that kind of weather,
it hasnt rained like that for a while here and we needed it!
I headed over to Walmart because I needed to get a few things & also get my oil changed.
I got everything done in one stop [Go me!] then I headed over to Kyles!

We are those weird people that have the greatest time together when we're doing absolutely nothing.
Especially when it's just us 2, because we can be as weird as we want.
Sometimes I wish there was a secret camera somewhere so that we could
go back and watch how socially unacceptable & embarrassing we are when no ones around.
We had quite the time just being lazy, watching tv, and making each other laugh.
And then I got hungry...and a little hangry. [hungry/angry]
So we headed out because he wanted to stop by Academy and look at this pistol that 
he's been dyingggggg to have, 
and afterwards we stopped by Rudys Bar BQ and got it to go.
If you havent had Rudys Bar BQ than you must be really sad.
It's the best, their creamed corn...to die for. 

So anyways,
It was a good weekend over all!
I definitely wasnt ready for all the chaos that Monday brought me.
Yesterday was seriously CRAZY.
This new job is draining every ounce of energy out of me,
I literally didnt stop working until 8 pm,
Granted I was in my own home by 6, but I had to type up reports,
and schedule out my day for tomorrow, and organize and I think yall get the point.
But hopefully today will be a little less chaotic, doubtful, but I can only hope!

Kyles got himself another interview today!
I believe it's this morning at 10, so keep him in your thoughts and prayers!

Have a great day yall!