A day of hunting.

On Saturday Kyle and a few of his friends decided to go hunting.
And so of course I just had to tag along.
It was so much fun, minus all of the mosquitos that were the size of my palm.
But it was such a beautiful evening and it was so much fun,
even though my aim is equivalent to that of Helen Kellers.

Hope everyone had a good start to their week!
Mine was a bit shocking,
and Kyles leaving sooner that planned.
I'll fill yall in on the details tomorrow.


  1. What part of the south are you from? I'm here in GA and I know one other blogger I follow is from FL, good to hear that type of language...yall!

  2. Hunting might not be my thing, but it looked like you had fun, so yay! :)

  3. I have always wanted to go hunting, but I figured that I would probably cry if by some rare chance I actually shot something haha. I love your camo get up though! Your pictures are gorgeous :D Love the scenery!

  4. Hunting looks fun! I've never tried it so I've always been curious :)


  5. What were y'all hunting? I want to go with my brother but I'd have to get my license. :(