Bare Minerals and Blonde streaks.

Oh hey, it's me again.
I like to wear boys clothes.
Really though, 99% of the time you'll find me in one of Kyles shirts.
I dont know what it is, but I LOVE them.
So anyways, this photo was taken on Saturday,
I tend to take a lot of pictures of myself in the car, sorry yall,
I gotta entertain myself somehow during red lights.
But anyways, I was on my way to Sephora in the mall!
To pick upppp........

The BareMinerals get started kit.
Hoorayyyyy, I'm a real girl now!
Cant say I know exactly how to use all of these, but there are directions.
Thank you Jesus.
But I'll probably have my girl Claire come over and teach me how to wear everything properly,
because let's face it I suck when it comes to make up.

So anyways, after I got my new make up I headed over to Kyles 
to watch a little football with him and his roommates...
Only to find out once I got there that there was a change of plans &
we were going to go to our colleges football game.

Meet Josh, Kyles roommate for the time being.
He's great. 
He's really funny and cute and single, if anyone is interested ;)

What's up with this blonde streak going on in my hair?
Can't decide if I want to dye it dark again, or go back to my dirty blonde roots.

Well that pretty much sums up my weekend,
I went ahead and split it up into 2 posts cuz I had no idea what to blog about today.
Oh, and by the way yesterday went A LOT better than Friday!
I didnt have to deal with those girls, and I learned a lot,
and I'll get to be working with this girl named Sabrina (who's awesome)
until I get the hang of things. 

Hope yalls Monday went as smoothly as mine did!


  1. Yay I love new makeup, and my man's shirts too...mostly because they fit over my pregnant belly more comfy than mine do right now. :/ I'll be happy when they're big on me again! HAH

  2. i've wanted to try the bare minerals make up but i like the feeling of having makeup on. Idk it's hard to explain lol. I wear hubby's basketball shorts (sometimes) but definitely his t-shirts and hoodies. They're comfy.

  3. LOVE your blog!!! (and Bare Minerals of course!)

  4. I love wearing my boyfriend's clothes :)
    They seem so much comfier than mine haha
    Glad yesterday went better for you :)

  5. I always wear my boyfriend's shirts to bed or during the day if I am just lounging around.. They are just so comfortable! Can't say I blame ya :D
    I would love to get some Bare Minerals! I just haven't made my way over there or gotten my first paycheck haha..
    Glad yesterday went better for you!

  6. I love wearing my boyfriend's shirts too! Theres just something about guy's clothes...haha

    I love Bare Minerals!! I've been using their foundation and bronzer since high school!

  7. monica! ive never posted on here before... Love you. your bff liz

  8. Love your glasses! And I've heard so many good things about Bare Minerals!