Changes and Encouragement.

Omg yall.

I am so incredibly excited for him.
As soon as I found out I literally told everyone around me,
I was at work, and I'm brand new so they barely know me, 
much less care about my boyfriend, but I was all like...
"OH MY GOD!!! Yall!!! Kyle got the job!!"
literally telling everyone in sight.
Haha I am SO proud of him and excited to see what the future holds.
He is going to be perfect for the job, and I know he's going to love it.

With that being said...
I'm so scared. He's leaving me. He's moving away.
Kyle is my best friend, the love of my life, he calms me down when I'm stressed, 
he makes me laugh, he makes me happy, and he makes me feel safe.
The thought of him not being around makes me so sick to my stomach.
But I am trying SO hard to be strong, and think of all of the positive things.
There are so many things changing and going on in my life right now,
too many things to go into detail about.

So today is all about encouragement.

I have this little deviotional book called "Jesus Calling" that my mom bought for me.
I just HAD to share what it said this morning.
Seriously perfect for everything that's happening in my life right now.
Maybe it will encourage some of you as well! 

Have a great Thursday everyone!!!!


  1. Congrats to Kyle - that's great! How far away is he moving?

  2. Oh sweet girl. Congratulations to Kyle, and I KNOW it must be so hard for you (for the both of you, really) with him moving away. Just trust that everything will work out. You guys have a super strong bond, and this will only make you closer in the end. Good luck to you both!

  3. Okay FIRST OFF... yay, Kyle! But WHAT?! He has to move?!? How far away?!?! Hang in there lil miss, you guys will rock any distance I know, but it will be a big change obviously.

  4. Yay congrats to Kyle!! That's really great! It sucks he has to move though :(

  5. yay for kyle; and i loved that passage in the book..
    it will be light and momentary... eventually you will join his face in one town together =]
    if anything your love will be stronger..and you will know that you can surpass everything!

  6. Oh my goodness the puppy one. Just make Kyle buy you ten of those and you'll forever be happy!

  7. Congrats to Kyle!! And know that the bond between the two of you will only be strengthened with this distance. Anyone who reads your blog can see the unconditional love y'all have for each other and no distance can fizzle that out.

  8. What a wonderful message. I needed a lil of that today too! Congrats to Kyle! Long distance is not fun (I've done it) but I'm sure it will be worth it for you guys in the end! Good luck and remember to enjoy the adventure! :)

  9. Congratulations Kyle!! That's such great news! And yes, the seperation will be difficult for sure, but there's so much technology these days to stay close to each other with, and visits of course...y'all will make it through! :)

  10. Thats so exciting for him! It'll be tough for both of you but I'm sure you guys will be fine - I feel like (similar to what she said above) there are so many ways to stay in contact these days that you practically have to TRY to fall-out of touch.

    ALSO: Love that you included the "Remember that everyone you meet..." quote! Its been on my brain all week. Truly something to live by :)


  11. I'm in a LDR as we speak! I just wanted to send some encouraging words. My boyfriend lives 5 hours away and we've been doing it for 6 months, so i'm new too! It's hard at first and sad when they are out and about doing things you want to participate in, but i can honestly say it's brought us so incredibly close. We talk on the phone 3-4 times a day, skype, text, weekend visits, snail mail, etc. Everyone has doubted us, but YOU CAN DO IT!! At the end of the day you realize that the distance is worth it when the other option is losing them altogether.

  12. I've been with my boyfriend for just over two and a half years, he goes to school in the states while i'm back in Canada. We live EIGHT hours apart. I'm not going to lie, it's really, REALLY tough, but you learn new things about your partner, AND yourself. If you can make it through it, there's no question you can make it through anything. You also get to appreciate each other so much more because you don't get to spend as much time with each other. Advice: Keep yourself BUSY!!!!! :)