Labor Day Weekend

I'm not sure why I look 67 in the picture, but oh well.

I didnt really have any big plans for Labor Day, 
Kyle and I were going to go hunting with some of our good friends, 
but that didnt end up working out, which I'm really sad about, but we'll make it happen soon.
So I figured we would just relax and enjoy being off work!

 The morning started off great because Kyle cooked me breakfast :]
Whichhhh reminds me that I need to ask yall something!
I'm pretty sure Kyle is allergic to gluten.
He's been getting sick a lot and we think he needs to go on a gluten free diet,
because he usually starts feeling bad after eating certain foods.
Are any of you on a gluten free diet?
I'm worried because he needs to eat a lot, he has the fastest metabolism in the world.
And I want to make sure he's getting all of the things he needs in his diet.
Do any of yall know some good recipes? Or good foods that are gluten free?!

Okay back to our weekend...
I decided that I wanted to go to this wildlife zoo that i've heard great things about, 
so I texted my good friend Anna to see if her, her hubby, and their little girl wanted to join.
She replied and told me that they were at the river and asked us to join.
So DUH we went!
We spent our day at the pool watching football and eating yummy burgers,
then moved over to the river and drank some beer and watched un-athletic people
rope swing into the water, which was extremely entertaining.
It was nice and relaxing, and SO good to catch up with them.
It was a perfect little weekend with my perfect boyfriend.
okay just kidding he's not perfect...
butttttttttttt he's pretty dang great.
Hooray for a 4 day week!


  1. He's perfect for YOU and that's what matters ;) Hope you guys figure out the gluten stuff!!!

    There is nothing better than relaxing in a lake with a cold drink in hand!!

  2. Aw looked like fun!! :) And no, you don't look near 67 in that picture, crazy girl.

  3. A little late to comment, but my mom has a gluten-free diet! Most places you go to eat will have a gluten-free menu if you simply ask and its just learning what has gluten and what doesnt! Stores sell quite a few gluten-free products to make dinners and such. Also theres these great gluten-free brownies (I dont have the recipe:()made with beans and they are even better than regular brownies, maybe google them? Good Luck!!