My weekend was full of...

Top: Garage
Pants: F21
Loafers: Target

This weekend was full of: 
Clothes that could pass as pajamas.
Junk food.
Laughs that make your eyes water.
Tears from stress.
Online shopping.
Long phone calls with people that I love.
Drunken dinners with Kyle.
Planning & organizing for work.
Learning new things.
Ben & Jerrys & Dance moms
I could go on for a while...

It's crazy all the things that happen in just 2 days.
I feel like it should be mandatory that all weekends be at least 3 days long,
I mean c'mon, work 5 long days and then we only get 2 days to recover?
Not fair.

I need to find some fun link ups to join in on this week.
I never link up anymore,
If you are hosting a link up let me know what it is so I can join.
Have a great Monday yall!


  1. I need that whole outfit. Especially the shoes. Gotta get those shoeeeeeees!

    XO, Kelsey

  2. I was just saying that on my drive to work today ... it is ridiculous that we have to work 5 days and only get 2 days off. It is so wrong.

  3. Super cute outfit!!!

    Love the shoes!


  4. we need to have a drunken dinner..and well the whole effin weekend ;))

  5. Agreed! If I'm every president of the entire world, I'll make 3 day weekends mandatory for everyone! Vote for me! ;)

  6. I had those same tears of stress this weekend too! and some online shopping :-P love your blog!!

  7. I'm glad you had a good weekend!! you always have the cutest outfits, lucky!

  8. Stripes and leopard is one of my favorite combos! You look awesome - following you back dear :)