Plaid shirts and Bar BQ

Top: F21
Leggings: Victorias Secret
Boots: Steve Madden via Zappos
Purse: TJ Maxx

It literally rained ALL day long on Sunday.
It was great though because I was definitely in the mood for that kind of weather,
it hasnt rained like that for a while here and we needed it!
I headed over to Walmart because I needed to get a few things & also get my oil changed.
I got everything done in one stop [Go me!] then I headed over to Kyles!

We are those weird people that have the greatest time together when we're doing absolutely nothing.
Especially when it's just us 2, because we can be as weird as we want.
Sometimes I wish there was a secret camera somewhere so that we could
go back and watch how socially unacceptable & embarrassing we are when no ones around.
We had quite the time just being lazy, watching tv, and making each other laugh.
And then I got hungry...and a little hangry. [hungry/angry]
So we headed out because he wanted to stop by Academy and look at this pistol that 
he's been dyingggggg to have, 
and afterwards we stopped by Rudys Bar BQ and got it to go.
If you havent had Rudys Bar BQ than you must be really sad.
It's the best, their creamed corn...to die for. 

So anyways,
It was a good weekend over all!
I definitely wasnt ready for all the chaos that Monday brought me.
Yesterday was seriously CRAZY.
This new job is draining every ounce of energy out of me,
I literally didnt stop working until 8 pm,
Granted I was in my own home by 6, but I had to type up reports,
and schedule out my day for tomorrow, and organize and I think yall get the point.
But hopefully today will be a little less chaotic, doubtful, but I can only hope!

Kyles got himself another interview today!
I believe it's this morning at 10, so keep him in your thoughts and prayers!

Have a great day yall!


  1. Cute outfit! As always!! But I seriously love those boots, too cute!
    Andddd Jared and I have definitely said the same thing, about wishing there was a camera set up so we could go back and watch how weird we are. We are always being strange, singing, dancing, making up words, making noises.... ha, I feel like we could all get along ;)

    Hope your job gets less stressful soon! And good luck KYLE!!

  2. I've decided that I REALLY need those boots. Like ... whoa.

  3. You looked super cute! And I really hope this job eases up a bit on you...sometimes it takes a lot to find your groove in a new environment, so I'm sure soon enough all the chaos will be worth it. :)

  4. i wish it were cool enough to wear leggings and boots.. but no still flippin hot.
    are you liking your job?

  5. I'm seriously wearing the same exact outfit today. Minus the locations of where you bought everything but for real the same outfit haha. Crayyyzay!

  6. I've been going through everyone's blogs looking for boots. Do you have any to suggest? I want the Sam Edelman Pierce but they are sold out EVERYWHERE! So I need a plan b