Red heels and a little motivation.

Polka Dot Top: Nordstrom
Blazer: F21
Jeans: Kohls
Heels: Tillys.com

Kyle's interview went well yesterday.
Thanks to those of you who wished him luck!!!
He's got a few more interviews lined up in the next week, so keep on praying!

I need some motivation to start working out consistently again.
This whole big girl job thing is exhaustingggg!
I need to decide if I want to start waking up early and working out in the mornings,
or if I'm going to make myself work out after work.
It's such a hard decision for me...
Because I don't want to wake up early because a girl needs her beauty rest!
And I know I'm going to be exhausted after work & make excuses not to go...
ugh, what's a girl gotta do to get some motivation around here?!
I bet if Kyle put a ring on it that would get me going!
Butttttttttttt we all know that's not gonna happen for a while.
So until then I gotta find something to get me motivated.
What motivates you?
How do you get yourself to go to the gym even when you're dead tired?!
Let me knowwwww, because just maybe it'll work for me too :]

It's almost Fridayyyy!
Thank God.


  1. Love the outfit, especially the blazer! F21 here i come :) As for working out, you should try working out at home. I use a website called Bodyrock, www.bodyrock.tv, and it is awesome! Free workouts & the instructors really get you motivated!

  2. What a gorgeous outfit love it! I'm on a health and fitness kick at the moment I try to do it in the morning then you have it over and done with. xx

  3. Soooo gorgeous! Love those heels:) I need to make a F21 trip - that blazer is great!!

  4. Cute outfit! Love the deals. I must check F21 for that blazer. I have to workout RIGHT when I get home from work, or I get too lazy!!

  5. psh you motivate me; your legs are bomb.com. so you motivate me;
    but im happy for kyle and i hope everything works out to be okay

  6. I just bought that same blazer! I love it! My advice, buy some fun new workout duds...that always gets me motivated! :)

  7. LOVE the outfit! I have no motivation now but the baby weiht I've put on over the last 8 months!!! But I doubt that can help you. Maybe just try to start with walking after work, until you get used to your new schedule.

  8. That blazer is a Forever21 piece? You're killing me it looks mad expensive, love it!

  9. This outfit is so cute!!

    As for workout, do you have a YMCA near you? They have these BodyCombay and BodyPump classes...killer! I'm so sore! Most of them take place right after work, so you can go straight from work and not even think about being lazy! And the other people in the class help keep you motivated.

    Good luck!


  10. If you ever find motivation, please let me know so I can get some of my own. I have tried putting my new work out clothes on and everything but nothing's working. I need the motivation I had 2 months ago back!

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you're interested :)

  11. i always have my gym bag with me in the car, so i can drive directly after work. if i go home first, "just chillin on the couch for 5 minutes" .. its not gonna happen anymore ;)

    love the outfit!