The perfect shirt.

 Top: Shopconversationpieces.com
Shorts: F21 (old)
Shoes: Target

I know all of you have been seeing this "perfect shirt" all over pinterest.
Well, I gave in and bought it!
I was going to buy it a while ago but they were sold out of the color I wanted.
Hooray for stores that actually restock their items!!
So anyways, I bought it and let me just say....
It REALLY is the perfect shirt.
It's SO comfortable and can be dressed up or down, and I am in love with it.
Okay, on to the next thing...

Kyle's been going out of town a lot for job interviews so we dont get to see
each other very often, and he'll probably end up moving once he gets a job
which makes my stomach turn because I HATE it when he's away.
Butttttttt thank God I am able to transfer with my job.
 soooo, we shall see what happens.
He finally got back in town yesterday and our plan was to go get some drinks then
go on a movie date, we havent been on a movie date in a while.
Butttttt we all know after you get a few drinks in me the last thing
I want to do is go sit still in a movie theatre.
We went to cheddars for drinks because they have the best/cheapest.
I always drink their Texas Sweet Tea and his all time favorite is whiskey and coke.
We stayed there for quite a while talking & laughing our little butts off.
Thinking about him leaving scares me a lot, 
I'm not a girl for long distance relationships.
But I'm confident in us, and he always knows what to say when I start thinking crazy.
This is one of the 457 pictures I took on the 3 minute drive back to my apartment.
We make each other laugh a lot :]


  1. I haven't heard about the "perfect shirt" - sure looks comfy!!!! :)
    I'm glad you'll be able to transfer with your job if you need to move <3

  2. That last photo of you guys is GREAT. Cute top, must look into that!!

  3. Love the loafers =)
    What about following each other? Visit my blog and let me know, it would be great to keep in touch!

  4. Your hair is just STUNNING. I'm so jealous its insane :)
    You're just too cute - keep up the great outfits!


  5. I love your glasses!! What is the brand and where are they from? Thanks so much!!

  6. This is a great laid back look! I love those flats too - super cute!


  7. What color of the shirt did you buy? Charcoal or black??

  8. Ok Monica, I posted a couple weeks ago asking what color this shirt was and I just (minutes ago) read your post back in April about replying through email which is probably why I havent gotten a response! I actually forgot I even had a blogger account so I went over to your sisters and tried to follow instructions so hopefully this can work... If you can't reply however you normally do my email is ashlea@cebridge.net

    I've been thinking about starting a blog similar to yours just about every day stuff... Maybe you can give me some tips! Thanks!!

  9. what size did you get the shirt in? i'm thinking of getting one now!