Work is taking over my life.
Really though.
It's good because I've been SO busy that I dont have me 
to think about missing my family & Kyle.
But it's starting to get in the way of my blogging, 
anddddddddd that's a problem.
I miss y'all!
So much has been going on, good things, bad things, crazy things...
I get home from work and I have to work some more!
Ugh it just never stops.
But right now I'm taking a break, because I do what I want.
And I'm on my 5th mini crunch bar that I was sposeda put in goody bags and give to clinics.
Whoopsie. Sorry I'm not sorry.
Oh, and points for me, I'm actually watching the presidential debate.
I'm not one to be all into politics, but this my friends is quite entertaining.
That's all I'll say about that.
Today's post isnt going to be about politics, 
it's going to be about something WAY more important.
Fall Fashion. 
Things that need to be in my closet...

I seriously cannot wait to start wearing sweaters & boots on a regular basis.
C'mon cooler weather!!

It's almosssttttt the weekend!
Thank God.


  1. That first sweater is Adorable! That needs to be in my closet as well :)

  2. Ohhhh I love that first sweater. It needs to find its way into both of our closets!!!!

  3. Loving the first sweater as well!! Do you know where it's from?? So cute. It's Friday Eve!