Exciting things and Making changes

I am SO excited yall.
Last night I used kyles credit card and bought tickets to the Jason Aldean & Luke Bryan concert.
And a bunch of our friends are getting tickets also!
Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeppp!!! :]]
I've been to many concerts in my life, 
but I've never really been to one of my favorite bands/singers concerts!
I am madly in love with Luke Bryan, I mean who isnt?!
So, therefore...
I cannot wait until Friday!
I also decided that I deserved a new dress,
So off to Charlotte Russe I went...

Cant wait to wear this to the concert!
I'm sure Luke will love it ;]

So anyways,
 I am officially moving back to my hometown.
I am so excited and relieved to be back in the same town as my family & friends,
and the love of my life (duh)
And I cant wait to start a new career here.

As for today... I need to get myself a gym membership.
Because this whole gaining weight & losing muscle thing,
I am not too fond of.

Another thing...
I am thinking about accepting sponsors very very soon.
Not too sure on how to go about it or how all of that works though,
So if you have any advice or suggestions or would be interested in sponsoring me,
let me know! 

Have a great Tuesdayyyy!


  1. I hear Passionfruit is the way to go!

  2. I am SO HAPPY for you that you're moving back home!!! I know how unsettled things have felt for you lately. Good luck with the move, love!!

  3. I saw Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan last month here in AZ and it was soooo good! I hope you have a great time! Good luck with your move!

  4. Love the dress! Love me some Luke :) So happy to hear you have decided to move back home.. sounds like you are making the right choice :)

  5. aww, cute! Great post and thanks for sharing hun! Come by soon xx

  6. Yay that's so exciting! I was wondering how long it'd take you to move home haha. Use passionfruit for sponsors, it's super easy.

  7. loving the new dress very cute!

  8. The floral dress is so pretty!

  9. Have a great time at the concert, loving the dress!


  10. I am so envious! I love Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean!! That dress is going to look so good on you!
    I use Passionfruit for sponsors and it has made it SO simple and SO easy for me (:

  11. My heart kinda skipped a beat when you said you were going to that concert. Seriously. Where are they playing?! I wanna go! And your outfit pick will surely catch Luke's eye :)

  12. I'm going to see luke & jason on friday!! I seriously can't wait! & that dress is ADORABLE! oh, & I would definitely sponsor you :)

  13. How exciting that you're moving! It must be great being able to be with family and friends again