I cant think of a title today.

Top: SheInside.com
Jeans: Garage
Sandals: F21
Bracelets: Charlotte Russe
Ear Rings: InPink.com

Well, the week is half way over!
I'm a little sad because Kyle's leaving today,
well he basically already left because I wont see him today.
And I'm really bummed out because his grandpas funeral is tomorrow,
and I really wanted to be there for him and his family, especially since
he's been there for me with all of the tragedies that have happened in my family recently.
Unfortunately I cant go because I have a lunch with this huge clinic tomorrow,
that's been planned for a month now.
So everyone please keep Kyle's family in your thoughts tomorrow
 as they say their goodbyes to his sweet grandpa.

I feel like my blog has been sad lately,
but dont worry friends, things are looking up!
Well at least I'm just going to have a positive attitude about everything lol

I dont know what it is about Spinach Artichoke dip that makes my soul happy.
Kyle & I both are weirdly obsessed.
We got some at dinner the other night,
and it was so halloweenish...
I wonder if they did that on purpose? I figured it was picture worthy.

So switching topics again...
I feel like this job has made me age 20 years in the last month.
I need serious help yall.
Do any of you use like anti-aging day or night creams?
I know, I know, I'm young and look young and ya ya ya...
But a girls gotta take action, before the wrinkles appear!
So, help me out!
Let me know what yalls favorite beauty products are
so the next time yall see me I wont be looking like a prune.
Okayyyyyyy, great.


  1. I will keep Kyle's family in thoughts and prayers. :)
    I love love love the shirt with the lace up in the back and I looove spinach artichoke dip! YUM! :D

  2. can u do a post on ur everyday makeup? how to and what u use? (brushes, brands, etc.)

  3. life is all about ups and downs! I love that you're willing to share BOTH sides with us(your readers) it's nice to see people be real and talk about things that aren't always perfect in their lives :) I love reading your blog either way! :-D cute outfit too, by the way :):)


  4. You're so lucky you see your bf so often! Look on the bright side, and look forward to the future!! I get to see my bf tomorrow (it's been TWO months!!)
    I'm a bad girl and I tan frequently so I try hard to to keep my skin looking young for as long as possible :/ I use all clinique products! For eye cream I use "all about eyes" it's so soft, and it feels like you're putting silk on/around your eyes! As for face cream, I use clinique repair wear laser focus. It's a wrinkle and UV damage corrector. It's quite pricey, but i'm telling yah, you can't cheap out when you're buying things that are an investment in your skin for the future! It's SO worth it :) :)

  5. Just wanted to share a new fav of mine I have been using and loving lately. It's Acure Organics Argan Oil. I use it at night and in the morning on my face. I got it at Earth Fare which is a organic food store here in my town. I am sure you could get it in a Whole Foods or some place like that. It's about $14.00. Not as expensive as other face care products out there and it's completely organic. I have done a lot of research on Argan Oil for your face and this seems to be a miracle worker or on the box it says in known as "liquid gold". This is all I have been using besides my St. Ives facial wash.

    Hope this helps!

  6. Love that top! :) Super cute!