Looking back.

Every single time I go home I LOVE looking at old pictures.
I'm pretty sure I've gone through the same boxes of pictures over 3o times,
but they never seem to get old.

Mom always took the liberty of making sure our bangs were on point and looking fab.

Enough already, dad!

Absolutely mortified. Thanks mom, at least Tara was enjoying it.

My sister at her finest.

"They see me rollin'...they hatin'"

Road Rage.

Girls day in the water!

Creepiest picture award?
This could definitely be the cover of a horror movie.

Haha I guess Tara was jealous.

I miss these days!

Have a great Tuesdayyyyy


  1. Amazing! I totally had the bangs that start at like, the back of your head and come all the way down to your eyebrows! LOL, the best was when they got curled though WHEW!!!

  2. These are too funny! I love that I have those same bangs again 20 years later! :)

  3. You two are so cute!! Haha!

  4. hahahhah oh my i die.
    these are all so funny... some of your pictures look just like my pictures..
    love the stoller ones.. hilarious.

  5. omg I two are SO freaking cute!!

  6. Those are too cute!! I love old pictures too. :)