Not what I expected.

Well my weekend with Kyle didnt exactly turn out as planned.
Friday after work my boss said to come back because we needed to have a "small meeting"
It wasnt a good meeting.
And it stressed me out big time, I'm not going to go into detail,
but just keep me in your prayers, I know I've been asking that a lot lately,
but I think this is that time in my life where I'm going through a lot and God's really testing me.
but it's okay because I know God brings joy out of every bad situation.

Other than that...
Friday was great.
I was so excited to see Kyle and spend time just us 2.
So we went out for an early dinner/drinks.
We couldn't stop smiling at each other the whole time.
Really though.
It had been way too long since we've had a night out together just us 2.
Afterwards we hit up red box to get a movie.
We ended up getting "Cabin in the woods", 
which we thought was supposed to be really scary...
we stopped it before we even got 10 minutes into the movie, 
Kyle wasnt havin it, and could already tell it was going to be stupid haha
But that was fine with me...
Because I was having myself a little ice cream party, and I was nice enough to share with Kyle.
We had ourselves a great relaxing night and
 caught each other up on everything that's been going on in our new grown up lives.

Saturday morning rolled around and I couldnt wait to spend the entire day together.
I was seriously in the best mood, hyper, singing, dancing, everything.
I get out of the shower and could tell something was wrong.

Side Note: Before he got here on Friday he mentioned to me that his grandpa was getting worse.
He's very old and has been sick for a while, and they knew "the time" was coming.
So I had already been preparing myself that he might have to leave...
But of course I didnt think it would actually happen.

Well it did, his dad ended up calling him saying that he was on his way to Austin,
so of course Kyle ended up going with him.
I regret not going with them, especially since Kyle has been there for me
in every situation like that.
But they werent sure when they would be coming back and I had a lot of stuff to prepare
for work, and I couldnt miss Monday at work so I ended up staying.
Which wasnt good.
Boy oh boy, was I a huge freaking ball of emotions that day.
like you know those scenes in those movies where the girl is
crying like a baby and stuffing her face with unnecessary amounts of junk food.
yup, that was me, all day.
But, I'm glad I got it all out, and can now function like a normal human being.
(sort of)
Kyle ended up coming back Sunday afternoon.
Thank God.
And I'll share what we did Sunday with yall tomorrow!

But right now I'm focused on getting through another day of work.
I seriously dont know what I would do without my "Jesus Calling" book yall.
I'm so thankful for it, 
and I wish I could share it with yall every single day without being annoying.

But anywhoooo,
I hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend!
Happy Monday!


  1. Just FYI Cabin in the Woods is a movie making fun of scary movies...not a scary movie. It was interesting but I agree if I hadn't known that I would of turned it off too. You would think there would be more scary movies out this time of year...we had to watch Safe Saturday night because there wasn't any in red box.

  2. So sorry to hear about Kyle's grandpa and the rough weekend. Thinking of you guys!!

  3. I'm praying for you!! God will bring you through anything. Even though work isn't great, everything happens for a reason so it will lead you to where you need to be in the end!! Prayers to Kyle's family as well.

  4. I'm sorry to hear about Kyles grandpa :( I hope he's doing okay. I'm keeping you all in my prayers.

    xo, Heather

  5. I'm so sorry I didn't read that part...you'll be in my thoughts!