Oh, hey there!

Top: SheInside.com
Shorts: Garage
Loafers: Target
Necklace: SheInside.com (free)

Oh hey there!
Sorry for being absent a few days last week,
I've been a little dramatic about everything lately...
With Kyle leaving, me starting a career, being away from my family...
You get the point
I needed to take a few days off,
I actually went home this weekend.
Thank God.
I ended up doing a lot of stuff for work because this week is going to be HECTIC.
But hopefully good things will come out of it and I'll make my boss happy.
For those of you that dont know "home" is where my parents/family are,
and Kyle just moved back also for his job (his family lives there also)
So, therefore I am super sad and feel really lonely and CANT wait till I can move back.

I originally wasnt planning on seeing Kyle,
Just because I needed some good family time
 & I wasnt sure if I could handle saying bye to him again.
(I know, I'm dramatic)
But seriously.
But Saturday rolled around, and I really needed him there.
I was starting to stress about work, and just everything in general,
So I had him come over for the day.
It was really good to see him, even though it's only been like 4 days.
We went out to eat with my parents and ran some errands.
It was just really good to be together.
We were back at the house just watching tv & I could tell Kyle wanted to leave.
Just because he was exhausted after his long week,
and he lives about an hour away and I knew he was dreading the drive,
especially because it was pouring pretty hard outside.
I could sense that he wanted to leave, & that I was going to have to say bye again.
I HATE saying goodbye, I always have, always will,
I have always been horrible at it, I'm the girl that wears her heart on her sleeve.
You will always know how I'm feeling, sometimes I hate that about me, & sometimes I like it.
But anyways, I had a meltdown.
and it wasnt fun, or pretty.
But I got over it and sucked it up and said goodbye, 
in hopes that he would come visit me real real soon.
Which he will, or at least he better or he's in real big trouble!!
So anyways, I'm going to focus on work for a while & keep myself busy
so I dont have too much time to think about missing him and my family.
Yall always make me feel a million times better also :]
Boo for Monday, but hooray for cooler weather!
Have a great day y'all!


  1. I am 100% in love with everything about this outfit! You're too precious!

  2. Aww man I know the feeling so well. I used to cry every damn time I had to say bye to my first ever boyfriend. And I haven't had a boyfriend since. Hmm haha.

    But I'm still wondering how you keep yourself so tan! A bed, a lotion, your natural color? Help a pale sister out!

  3. Love the outfit! Keep your head up, it'll get better soon!

  4. that shirt.. i die i need it
    and ifyou ever need to talk to someone. i am here

  5. The first 2 years of my current relationship was long distance, definitely hard, but distance makes the heart grow fonder right? I also love your outfit, you are so pretty Monica!

  6. love this tshirt!! We have a giveaway going on right now where you could win a 100$ pair of glasses. Just thought you'd be interested! Come by soon ;) xx

  7. I hope this gets easier for you real soon, distance isn't easy to get used to, but if you both put in the effort it will all be worth it in the end! Chin up buttercup! :)

  8. long distance relationships are hard! but worth it! LOVE this top - so cute!

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  10. Monica! Have we chatted before! At first glace I was like wait I think I've talked to this blogger girl before then I noticed that I already follow you on twitter! LOL did you redo your blog page? Maybe that's what's "new" or different to me!