Vests are great.

White Tee: Shopconversationpieces.com
Vest: Shopconversationpieces.com
Shorts: Wet Seal
Loafers: Target
Layered Necklace: gift
Cross necklace: SheInside.com

First things first.
I really really appreciate yall for keeping kyle's family in your prayers after the loss of his grandpa.
and for keeping me in your prayers lately.

Kyle came back to me Sunday afternoon!
We decided to have a movie date because we havent been to the movies in for-e-ver.
So he got on his phone to search for movie times...
Taken 2 at 5:25.
We get to the theatre andddd....5:25 isnt an option?
We had an hour until the next showing and Kyle was hungry (like always)
so we headed to Kona Grill to get some food and drinks while we waited.
I wasnt hungry, but of course once I smell food or if it's near me I have to eat it.
And it was happy hour soooo I thought, what the hell, bring on a margarita!
Let me just say...
This was no ordinary margarita yall.
It looks nice and petite and harmless.
I'm a lightweight so it usually only takes about 2 for me to start feeling it...
Um, before I know it I hear Kyle..
"...wow I think I'm starting to feel this margarita..."
Kyle doesnt feel anything...really though...him and I love to go have drinks together,
but he never ever gets drunk...and I dont either on purpose.
So I knew I was in trouble when he admitted he felt something.
I thought he might be kidding cuz I really didnt feel anything yet...
we had about 30 more minutes till our movie so we figured we'd get one more then leave.
So we get another round...time flies...and it's time to go,
 so I drink as much of my 2nd margarita as possible without dying of a brain freeze.
I stand up...and immediately start to giggle.
yup...nowwwww i feel it.
So we run to the car and realize we have 3 minutes until the movie starts.
Kyle: "wellp...wanna go have a few margaritas at Matamores?"
Monica: "Yup!"
So we decided to keep the party going...
well not for long.
We got to Matamores and I was about half way down with my margarita 
and I was ready to fall asleep.
Those 2 drinks at Kona killed me!
So needless to say we didnt keep the party going...
But we did have a great night together,
and I am so so so happy that he's here for a couple of days!

How's everyones week so far?
I cant believe it's only Tuesday.
Have a good one, yall!


  1. Sounds like a fun night out ;-) Your Marg looked delish!



  2. Yah that happens to me with margaritas too! The vest is so cute by the way! I couldn't pull it off but you deff do! :)

  3. haha you're so cute! Cute with great legs!

  4. lol-- those are my fave beverages ;) Dangerous and delish!

  5. You look fabulous as usual. Love the outfit.