Why am I not on the show "Half Ton Woman?"

So I couldnt think of anything to post about today...
and then I realized I had a draft in my posts....
So I clicked on it to see what it was....
and this is what it said.

"why am I not on the show 'half ton woman'"

This pretty much sums up my feelings right now.
Aside from making me giggle, it made me realize that I need to get it together.
I cant even remember the last time I had a fruit or vegetable.
I'm paying for a gym membership that I havent been to in weeks months.
And my diet consists of
 pizza, chips, ice cream, grilled cheese, bread, cokes, waffles, peanut butter
and a million other things that really arent helping me get that 4 pack I've always wanted.

Thankfully I have good genes and I'm not obese like I deserve to be.
butttttt even though I can eat all this crap & still manage to be small
I kinda feel disgusting.
Well sometimes, sometimes I love it and take it all in,
 and eat like I'm 9 months pregnant and on steroids.
But for now I'm feeling a little grossed out with myself.

Butttttt here's the problem.
I'm living with my parents for the time being.
And they have all of these yummy delicious foods all over the place,
so even if I go buy something healthy, I see a pizza or a bag chips & go straight for them.
So what's a girl to do?!

How do yall overpower the fat girl living inside you,
and reach for the carrots instead of the sour cream & onion chips?!

Tell me your secrets.

I've also been trying to find a new skincare routine.
I have really sensitive skin & am always kinda scared to try something new,
but I need a changeeeeee!
What's yalls go to face wash/moisturizer/etc?!

Happy Wednesdayyyy!

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Clothes Racks and a Cute Dress!

I FINALLY got my clothes rack built & set up.
Waahhoo I am one happy camper!
I also made another big purchase that should be arriving,
at the end of this week or sometime next week.
So make sure yall are checking the facebook page & blog for updates!

I am ALSO selling one of my dresses that I have never worn.

I bought it from SugarLips, & for some reason never wore it.
So I figure I might as well give it to someone that will!
I'm in love with it, but never had the right occasion to show it off.

It's a size XS, the mannequin is 36'' 26'' 36''
The top is stretchy & tighter fitting, 
The waist band is elastic and the bottom of the dress is flowing.
Let me know if you're interested in buying this dress, 
or know someone that might want it! 


A Date at the Corn Maize & Cyber Monday

Top: F21
Chambray: Target
Pants: F21
Boots: Addisons

This weekend Kyle and I went on a date to the Corn Maize.
The weather was SO gorgeous.
My sister & brother in law went here last week & said it was a lot of fun,
 so we decided to go!

We got there right as the sun was starting to set,
so of course I couldnt help but take 1 million pictures.
But I'll only share a few of the 1 million that I took.

Kyle's such a trooper when it comes to letting me take pictures.
Sometimes he's difficult, but I think he's pretty much learned
that it's easier to just do it than deal with me being cranky if
he doesnt cooperate haha

He even let me take this cheesy, romantic, engagement looking picture!
haha I had no idea it was going to look EXACTLY like an engagement picture.
Whoopsieeee ;]

We held hands and walked through the maze,
and got lost a few times.

I really wanted to steal some corn,
but Kyle kindly reminded me that they would escort me out if I did.
fun ruiner
It was sooo gorgeous there!
Unfortunately this was the last weekend that they will be open
for the year, but we will definitely be going back!

Happy Cyber Monday!
Make sure you check out
my Boutiques Facebook Page
(lowered prices!)


Calling all bloggers, I need a little help!

Well heyyyy,
I hope yall had a great thanksgiving!
I think I might still be in a food coma...
but that's okay, I'll do some pilates later...maybe...maybe not.
We had a great thanksgiving day with family & friends.
Always happy to see my big sister! <3

But anyways...
I just wanted to share something with yall & get yalls advice!
As you all know, I've finally got my boutique up & running.
and yall can shop & follow here & here

I'm about to make my next big purchase & I need yalls help.
I made an album on facebook titled "Pass or Purchase"
This is what I need you to do...
Go to my facebook page >> Monica's Closet Essentials
and check out the album "Pass or Purchase"
I've listed things that I'm thinking about ordering, 
but want to make sure a variety of people like the items & would buy them.
So if you like an item type "purchase"
and if you dont like an item or wouldnt buy it, 
or wouldnt pay the price I have listed, type "Pass"
This would be SO incredibly helpful!
and this way I'l have a better idea of what people are interested in buying.

Have a great Friday and long weekend!!


The good old days.

I am SO glad that I finally got to reveal my surprise to y'all!
I have been sooo stinkin anxious all weekend, haha!

and if you missed the big reveal...
you can check it out HERE!

How was everyones weekend?
Mine was spent with Kyle back in our old city.
His not so little brother had a basketball game there, so we decided to go watch.

It was kind of sad leaving it...which surprised me.

But I started to think about everything that's happened there.
Like me and Kyle meeting each other...
and having a huge crush on him freshman year...
and forcing him to be my boyfriend...
and going on our first dates...
and going on last minute random vacations...
and staying up all night playing baseball with an umbrella and brownie mix...
and going to haunted burnt down insane asylums...
and making our own rice crispy treats...
I could go on for a while,
but dont worry I won't ;]

But geez I didnt realize that our entire relationship has been in that city!
But change is good, and I am SO proud of him, he has been loving his new job.
Thank God.
and I am loving being back in my hometown.
I think I'll really be happy once I get my boutique rolling,
and start getting consistent buyers.
(hint, hint)
just kidding...
but really...

But back to the me and Kyle thing...
I figured I would share some of our VERY first pictures together!
we look so young!

Those were the good old days.

Happy Tuesday!!
It's soooo close to Thanksgiving, yay!


Your newest stop for retail therapy.


Monica's Closet Essentials has finally arrived!

Everyone go follow 
Monica's Closet Essentials

Little preview of what's available...

Make sure you like the facebook page as well!

Enjoy shopping ladies



Top: Urban Outfitters
Cardigan: Ross
Jeans: TJ Maxx (Brand: HWY)
Boots: DSW
Scarf: Thrifted

Soooooo I guess I should go ahead and let ya'll know...
I shared my surprise with Instagram and Facebook.
I know I know...what are y'all, chopped liver?
No way! I saved the best for last. duh.
But the reason I've been waiting is because it still isnt quite ready yet.
But I'll give yall a real big hint today anyways!

Teehee. I cant waittttttttttt to get things rolling.
Yall have got to know what the big surprise is now, right?!
I know I keep saying it'll be ready soon...
I'm just waiting on 2 orders and then everything will be ready!
So I'm thinking not next Monday, but the next.
Orrrrr it could be sooner, who knows ;]

Hope all of you ladies have a great day!
It is collddddddd here in South Texas!


Where does the time go? and Where do these people come from?

Top: Hollister (super old)
Vest: Charming Charlies
Jeans: TJ Maxx

Okay, everything needs to just slowwww down!
Thanksgiving is next week already?!
I have SO many things going on in the next few weeks/months 
& days are just flyingggg by!

I've also been sick the past few days :(
Colds are never fun.

Next topic.
So I'm one of those people that gets really angry at TV shows...
And when I say I get really angry,
 I legitimately want to karate chop the person in the throat that's pissing me off.

So last night I started watching this new show "Extreme Cheapskates"
And this little asian lady is literally a freak.
Like she's GOTTA have something wrong with her.
Meet Kate.
I want to punch her in the face,
and in a few moments you'll understand why.

She has a full time job as a CPA, so she's not poor.
but she's a cheapskate...
and by cheapskate I mean she hasnt bought new clothes (or underwear) in 15 years,
she's never bought furniture, all of hers is from a dumpster,
Her "bed" is made of old yoga mats she found in a dumpster,
She tries to avoid paying for food...guess where she finds her free food?!
Want to punch her in the face yet?

It get's worse...
she refuses to flush the toilet...
so she was generous enough to give us all a detailed description
of what exactly she does to clean herself after using the restroom.
yes, this is real life.
She sat on the toilet as if she was going to the bathroom,
and showed the entire world how she cleans herself.
Dont worry I wanted to throw up on everyone also.

so anyways...this lady is clearly crazy,
and I was nice enough to only give you a small portion of her weirdness.
And I cant believe I spent an hour of my life watching people like her.

But anyways,
I hope all of you thoroughly enjoyed this random post,
I'm still sick, it's been 5 days now...boo.
But Happy Wednesdayyyy!


Craft Days are fun.

Sweater: SheInside.com
T shirt: Shopconversationpieces.com
Leggings: Victorias secret
Loafers: Target

[Apologies for the awkward outfit pictures, I didnt have time to take real ones.]

So as I mentioned to y'all last week,
I've got some big plans in the near future. 
I really really hate to keep yall waiting but it's coming SOON, I pinky promise.
So anyways, I already gave yall one hint,
And today I'm giving you another...kind of...but not really,
It would be a bigger hint if we actually finished.
But anyways.
Men are great.
Why? you ask.
Because they build things for you...
 in the heat, in the dark, in areas infested with mosquitoes, 
all without complaining.
That my friends, is why I love my dad and boyfriend.
Here are a few pictures of them in the process!

Unfortunately we didnt get to finish it completely cuz it was getting late.
But theres only a few litttttlllleeee things to do and it'll be done!
Can anyone guess what it's going to be?!
I seriously cant wait to announce it to everyone!!

Happy Monday!!


Let's Pinterest.

Top: F21 [old]
Jeans: TJ Maxx [Brand: Celebrity Pink]
Boots: Addison [Brand: Breckelles]
Necklace: Urban Outfitters

Since everyone a little tense today...
I figured we'd focus on something that we all love & can agree on,
And that's how great Pinterest is.

So I'm linking up forrrr.....

Let's talk about hair & makeup.
The 2 things that I love but am worthless at.
I have never been able to apply eye shadow...in my life.
& I have never been able to do my own hair, besides just curling it.
I've tried every tutorial & youtube video but still cant seem to master either.
So I guess I'll just sit back & wish that I could do things as cool as these girls...

Obsessed with her makeup...so gorgeous.

Will this help me? I feel like I would look like a clown. 

I wish I could do my make up like this every day.
So natural and pretty!

I've gotta teach myself how to do this!
It looks so dang simple...

Let's talk about up-dos.
I love wearing my hair up, like seriously LOVE it.
But I can never do it in a way where I still look put together 
& not like I just woke up or have been sweating for the past 3 hours...
I've GOTTA try these looks.
I looooovvveeee this one!
Someone show me how to do it myself!

So cute.

Yup, I would do this everyday.


Have a good day yall!!